Stylish And Sustainable Vegan Boots To Spice Up Your Fall

October 25, 2022

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It’s that transitional time of year again—when the blooming flowers fade into a burst of vibrant leaves, the swim suits and sunglasses are swapped with scarves and sweaters, and sandals are stored away in favor of the best footwear of them all: the boot.

This statement isn’t debatable. Boots offer the durability, style, and versatility not afforded by the dressed-down nature of the sneaker or the beach-only vibe of the flip-flop. While kitten heels and flats are great at a formal event or work, they rarely offer the long-day support needed to make them an everyday shoe. Boots, on the other hand, are ready to be dressed up or down, used for work or travel, and perfect for any outfit, no matter what style.

As an everyday shoe, the boot selection process should be more selective, thoughtful, and considerate than the average one-occasion-only footwear. As an item that can be worn everyday for all occasions, choosing the right boot that fits your personal style, comfort needs, and ethics is of the upmost importance. That’s where we come in—to help you find the right boot  for you.

All boots below are vegan, sustainable, and consciously curated to style your outfit and help save the planet at the same time.

1. Best Rain Boot: Merry People’s Bobbi Boot

Why We Love It: Whimsical and colorful, these vegan rain boots are created for multipurpose use—from camping and festivals to city and street wear. Made from quality natural rubber and neoprene lining, these boots are 100 percent waterproof and perfect for everything from muddy mornings to drizzly days. Embrace your merriness with these happy boots – available a variety of colors from sunshine yellow to a lavender hue. 

Sustainable Guarantee: Although actively avoiding the label of ‘sustainable fashion,’ Merry People prides itself on the values of kindness, adventure, happiness, and authenticity. All boots are produced under safe and fair working conditions and made vegan, with no animal products or byproducts used during production. 

Price: $150

Find it here 

2. Best Hiking Boot: Thesus Outdoors’ Weekend Boot

Why We Love It: Whether hiking up a mountain or running out to grab some groceries, these stylish and sustainable boots do it all. Designed with a comfortable footbed, temperature control lining, water resistance, and traction absorption, these boots are perfect for all seasons and styles.

Sustainable Guarantee: Made with over 95% natural and recycled materials, these vegan boots offer durability with a sustainable commitment. As a company, Theseus Outdoors is committed to regenerative and climate positive fashion for a positive environmental impact. 

Price: $198

Find it here 

3. Best High Knee/Rider Boots: Will’s Vegan Store’s Riding Boots

Why We Love It: Eye-catching and chic, these boots will turn heads with their supple patented Italian vegan leather and glossy design. Walk in comfort thanks to Will’s Vegan Store’s comfortable insoles made with recycled rubber. 

Sustainable Guarantee: Since 2013, Will’s Vegan Store was created with the goal of delivering high quality vegan shoes to sustainably-motivated consumers. Utilizing vegan leather made of bio-based content and shoe materials made of natural and recycled options, Will’s Vegan Store offers ethically-made vegan products, delivered through Will’s Vegan Store’s carbon-neutral supply chain. Even better? Once your boots no longer serve your needs, Will’s Vegan Store offers a recycling program on their website here to avoid unnecessary waste.

Price: $112

Find it here 

4. Best Everyday Booties: NOAH Vegan Chelsea Boots Valeria

Why We Love It: A closet-must, this go-to Chelsea style offers versatility and comfort with a classic, stylish look. With micronappa insoles and outsoles created for durability and protection from cold and wet, this boot is made for all-day wear to walk in rain or shine.

Sustainable Guarantee: An award-winning brand, NOAH offers luxury vegan shoes that use the highest-quality materials for aesthetic and comfortable footwear. From designations such as the “Good Brand Award” and the “PETA-UK Award,” NOAH continues to deliver excellence in both shoe design and its commitment to sustainable. Their newest commitment? For every order, NOAH has committed to plant a tree, in collaboration with the non-profit Tree-Nation. Feel confident in buying from NOAH, a brand established in 2009 with nearly two decades of commitment to environmental stewardship.

Price: $168

Find it here 

5. Best Combat Boots: Dr Martens’ 1460 Vegan Lace Up Boots

Why We Love It: It’s no coincidence that everyone from your sister to your mother seems to own a pair of Dr Martens. Considered one of the most comfortable shoes on the market, Dr Martens was founded on durability, practicality, and comfort, starting out as a modest work boot before growing to become one of the leading boot brands. With the same amount of style and flair, these vegan boots will keep you warm in the winter and stylish all year long.

Sustainable Guarantee: Made with vegan leather and a microfiber base, these boots are meant to last and not wear out. Walk for miles without pain or discomfort, knowing these comfortable shoes will keep you going all day long.

Price: $170

Find it here


With boot season well under way, shop confidently to find the vegan shoe right for you this autumn and winter season.

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Photo: Sergey Zumaev via Pexels; Noah; Doc Martens

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