5 Trustworthy Vegan Companies for Beauties

August 22, 2013


While I believe there is no better beauty routine than maintaining a healthy, plant-based diet plan, I am a fan of companies that produce vegan beauty products that are just as effective (if not more so) and just as glamorous as conventional companies. The following featured vegan makeup brands are ones I use daily.


1.  Intelligent Nutrients

“Everything we put in and on our bodies must be nutritious and safe.”

Intelligent Nutrients was founded by Ayurvedic practitioner Horst M. Rechelbacher (who also founded Aveda).  Intelligent Nutrients offers an array of vegan makeup products ranging from hair care to aromatics, all of which are USDA certified organic, cruelty-free, and created with certified renewable energy.

intelligent nutrients hair shine vegan productFeatured Product: IN’s Hair Shine ($29) is my favorite goody from this eco-friendly company. Nourishing castor oil and pumpkin seed oil add gleam to locks while lemongrass oil laces hair with an uplifting fragrance. I use Hair Shine as a leave-in conditioner, and a single spray is enough to coat the ends of my thick, somewhat coarse hair.

Unlike conventional shine serums, IN’s Hair Shine does not contain silicones, which, according to natural beauty blog, No More Dirty Looks, are “occlusives,” compounds that prevent moisture from escaping or entering the hair shaft, ultimately resulting in damaged hair over time. Hair Shine is also free of mineral oil, parabens, and synthetic fragrance.

Added bonus: the vegan product comes in a tall, thin bottle wrapped in a pretty gold label; I must say, it adds a touch of glamour to my bathroom counter!


2.  Alima Pure

alima pure vegan eyeshadow“We believe that skin is the connection between inner and outer beauty. So why put anything on your body that won’t support whole health of mind, body and spirit?”

For years I faithfully applied BareMinerals mineral foundation until I discovered that it contains Bismuth Oxychloride, an ingredient that’s been linked to skin irritation resulting in bumps and itching. As someone with sensitive, acne-prone skin, I figured it was time to seek out a different, non-clogging foundation. Enter Alima Pure, a vegan cosmetics company dedicated to producing high quality mineral makeup without Bismuth Oxychloride. Choose from 61 different shades of foundations.

Featured product: I am addicted to Alima’s Pearluster Eyeshadow ($14). “Silk” is my go-to neutral for professional settings, and for evening, I turn to “Amethyst” for a twist on the smoky look.  In my experience, these shadows last all day with minimal creasing.

Added bonus: With any order, Alima throws in three free samples, usually a variety of eye shadows.


3.  Vapour Organic Beauty

vapour illusionist concealer vegan makeup“We are committed to creating healthy products and maintaining environmental accountability.”

Vapour Organic Beauty makes skincare, makeup, and nail products. Vapour’s organic vegan cosmetics are created with 70% certified organic ingredients and 30% natural mineral pigments and vitamins. This company is cruelty-free and a member of the Organic Trade Association.

Featured Product: Illusionist Concealer ($22). Post-acne marks can take a while to fade.  Thank goodness for this non-clogging, blendable concealer. Containing calming lotus flower and anti-inflammatory Frankincense and Tulsi, this little stick cares for skin while hiding pesky spots (or tired under eyes). In my experience, the Illusionist works well on bare skin and over mineral and liquid foundations.  I have the best luck when I apply it with my fingertip.

Added Bonus: Like Vapour’s foundations, this concealer has an amazing, woodsy smell without the use of synthetic fragrances.


4.  Sally B’s Skin Yummies

AntioxidantSkinBoost-sally skin yummies vegan productSally B’s Skin Yummies creates skin and body products that are non-toxic, cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free. Sally Larsen, founder of the company, hand makes each of her vegan makeup products in an on-site kitchen at a boutique in Atlanta, GA.

Featured Product: Sally B’s Antioxidant Skin Boost ($36) comes in powder form and can be mixed with night serums and oils to give your evening routine a leg up in the antioxidant department. L-Absorbic Acid (Vitamin C) makes up over 50% of the formula. Vitamin C does not retain its full potency when pre-mixed and stored in creams and serums. Sally B’s powder formula, however, is designed to retain the vitamin’s strength so it can do its best work on your skin.  I normally mix a scoop with organic argan oil and apply it to my face and neck.

Added Bonus: Because the formula is powder, it’s one less liquid you have to worry about during airport travel.


5.  Beauty Without Cruelty

 bwc make up remover veganIn 1963, animal rights activist and vegetarian Katherine Long developed the first, full-color line of cruelty-free vegan cosmetics in England.  Although the company started small, it eventually grew, and by 1989, BWC began selling products in the U.S. where the company is still beloved by natural product enthusiasts.

Featured Product: BWC Botanical Eye Make-up Remover Extra Gentle ($8.95). This affordable, organic paraben-free eye makeup remover gently dissolves even waterproof mascara. Best of all, it does not leave an oily residue behind.  I often make mistakes when applying liquid eyeliner, and a little bit of BWC’s eye make up remover on a q-tip comes in handy.

 Added Bonus: Because BWC is such a well-established company in the U.S., several BWC products are available at your local health food store.


Good news, vegan beauties!  In addition to these five vegan makeup lines, there are several established and emerging vegan-friendly companies producing high quality, healthy body products.  For more information on natural beauty products, check out No More Dirty Looks or download the Cruelty-Free app on your mobile device.

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Photo: Intelligent Nutrients; Alima Pure; Vapour Organic; Sally B’s Skin Yummies; Beauty Without Cruelty


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