Best Resources for Your Vegan Pregnancy

November 10, 2015

Although I am not planning to have a child this very moment (or in the next nine months!), it’s something that my husband and I have talked about—at first in vague euphemisms when we were dating, not unlike the way we’d tiptoe around the “M-word”—and now in more practical terms (How much money should we save? When is the right time to give this a go?).

Before I become a mom-to-be, of course, I want to know what I’m getting myself into! I need a refresher on Female Anatomy 101, and I definitely want to read up on all those things one would ideally have in order before embarking on parenthood.

I’m also hungry for info specifically about vegan pregnancies. When I eventually become pregnant, I want to maintain the best version of my current eating habits. Additionally, I want to arm myself with as much knowledge of pregnancy nutrition requirements as possible. Without tallying up my vitamin and nutrient intake, I’m pretty confident that I’m getting just what I need, but when I’m pregnant, I plan to be more actively conscious of my consumption of foods containing calcium, iron, B-12, and zinc.

At the very least, the distant possibility of one day being pregnant has given me an excuse to read a lot. The following are a few books and apps to help you have a well-informed (and fun!) vegan pregnancy.

Best Resources for Your Vegan Pregnancy:

Best Resources for Your Vegan Pregnancy

The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth, and a Healthier, More Beautiful Beginning, Alicia Silverstone. A vegan pregnancy article without mention of Alicia Silverstone? As if! Silverstone provides a holistic guide about preparing your “baby house,” i.e. your body, for pregnancy, easing common pregnancy symptoms with natural methods, eating for two the whole-foods vegan way, and making decisions about your life post-birth (to family bed or not to family bed?). The beautifully photographed book contains recipes for both mom and baby. Perhaps most significantly, Silverstone reminds readers that pregnancy can be glorious, busting the myth that pregnancy renders women constantly uncomfortable and irritable. And how does one have a glorious pregnancy? By eating kind, of course!

Best Resources for Your Vegan Pregnancy

Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy. This is your pregnancy encyclopedia. While not vegan-specific, this hefty tome is a must-read for any future mom. It breaks down the week-to-week and month-by-month goings-on of a typical pregnancy and offers advice on prenatal exercise, choosing a baby carrier, finding the right doctor, understanding health complication, and much, much more.

Best Resources for Your Vegan Pregnancy

Eve by Glow. Eve is an app that menstruating or pregnant women may find useful. It helps you keep track of your cycle, your chances of getting pregnant depending on your location in the cycle, when you have sex (and you can note if that sex is with/without protection), and any hormonal symptoms you may be experiencing (spotting, tender breasts, cramps, bloating—all that fun stuff).

Best Resources for Your Vegan Pregnancy

What to Expect. What to Expect is an app based on the classic preggers read, What to Expect When You’re Expecting. With the app, you can create an account and customize the interface based on your due date. Aside from a bundle of prenatal resources and tips, the app includes videos of fetal development so you can imagine what’s going on inside you at a giving point in the pregnancy journey.

Best Resources for Your Vegan Pregnancy

The Everything Vegan Pregnancy Book, Reed Mangels. Mangels, Ph.D., RD, LD, FADA, is a nutrition advisor for the nonprofit Vegetarian Resource Group, so you can rest assured that she knows her stuff when it comes to plant nutrition. This guide goes into detail about a mom-to-be’s nutrition requirements as well as how to ensure that you have a vegan-friendly hospital stay. The book also offers advice on how to deal with those who don’t approve of your choice to remain vegan during your pregnancy. Plus, there are 150 nutritious recipes for the whole family.

Are you considering pregnancy? Have you already been through a pregnancy? If so, what were your favorite resources? 

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