The Best of Fall 2015 Beauty Trends

August 21, 2015

The Best of Fall 2015 Beauty Trends | Peaceful Dumpling

The Best of Fall 2015 Beauty Trends: Dewy skin and glam lids, here we come!

As I’ve probably said before, fall beauty trends are probably my favorite. With cooler weather, there is less concern for makeup meltage, and it just makes sense to go smokier with your eyeshadow or bolder with your lip color. With this fall season, however, there is some carryover from summer beauty: a natural-looking, dewy complexion is still your MVP. But what better canvas is there on which to rock your favorite metallic blue shadow (see below!)?

Dewy Skin. First things first, the non-cakey, youthful glow thing is here to stay. The look isn’t just about finding the perfect sheer-coverage foundation, however. Start by taking good care of your skin before even applying makeup. Be sure to prep skin with a good moisturizer. Follow with a liquid, light-reflecting concealer under the eyes and around the nose. Next, cover any blemishes with a skin-matching concealer. (Here are more tips on how to apply concealer.) Apply a light-coverage, liquid foundation. Beginning at the center of the face, blend foundation towards the outer edges of your face. If you must use powder, only use it to set blemish coverage and oily areas like the nose and chin. For foundation, try: Josie Maran Argan Tinted Moisturizer.

The Best of Fall 2015 Beauty Trends | Peaceful Dumpling

Cream Formulas. In conjunction with the dewy skin trend, cream formulas—for blush, bronzer, and highlighter—are more ubiquitous. Cream formulas have a nice way of allowing skin’s natural texture to show, which can give you more youthful look. To apply, only use a little a time—a bit usually goes a long way. For a pretty blush, try: 100% Pure Pot Rouge.

The Best of Fall 2015 Beauty Trends | Peaceful Dumpling

Strobing. You may have come across a recent beauty trend called “strobing.” Simply put, it’s highlighting in the post-contour era. To strobe, highlight your cheekbones, temples, brow bone, cupid’s bow, and chin. Highlighting is a quick and easy way to make your bone structure stand out. For an ethereal glow, try: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder.

The Best of Fall 2015 Beauty Trends | Peaceful Dumpling

Warm Scents. It seems like my magazines are filled with amber-y, powdery perfume samples these days. While these fragrances may not be for you, you can still use the changing of the seasons as an excuse to try a new, more daring fragrance. Consider your favorite elements of fall—are you first in line for a pumpkin spice latte? Do you crave the cool breeze and afternoon clouds? Go hunting for a scent that captures your favorite fall-inspired moods. For a classic fall fragrance, try: Lurk Perfume in “BS003.” This perfume is a dry wood balanced with crisp citrus and sweet bergamot notes—as cozy as it is uplifting.

The Best of Fall 2015 Beauty Trends | Peaceful Dumpling

Metallic Makeup. Now for the really fun stuff. Whether you’re head to a girls’ night out or just looking for a little extra glam in your day, give the metallic eyeshadow trend a whirl. To apply: This may sound wild, but you’ll need to put down your $30 eyeshadow brush and dig into your makeup bag for an eyeshadow applicator—you know the cheap little things that come with the eyeshadow? Dampen it and dip it in your shadow. Press, rather than drag, the applicator along your lid to create your desired silhouette. Keep the rest of your face neutral with a touch of light blush and a dewy lip. For a mesmerizing eye look, try: Modern Mineral Eyeshadow in “Spellbound.”

The Best of Fall 2015 Beauty Trends | Peaceful Dumpling


Which one of these fall trends are you excited to try? 

Photos: Modern Minerals, Josie Maran Cosmetics, 100% Pure, Mary Hood Luttrell, Lurk Perfumes

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