5 Ways To Be Kind & Create Good Karma

June 12, 2023

This generation has a different definition of kindness that is often controlled by the viral impact on social media. Branded goods from conscious companies are touted as a kind of badge; influencers thank sponsors for “kindly” providing plush holidays and haute cuisine. We forget that gifts from the soul can circulate warmth in our body for a lifetime. Not to mention, we don’t have to always capture them in photos.

Fortunately, good will does not search for influencers to influence, so allow her to find you with these thrifty ideas.

Ways to be kind and create good karma

Volunteer As A Listener

7 Cups is a complimentary and anonymous 24/7 chat made for those who are seeking emotional support. Each listener is provided training and enlightenment in order to moderate the conversations in an uplifting and goal-setting manner. You can control your availability to listen, choose if you would like to work from your computer or on the app, receive certifications for your professional resume, and guidance from mentors. Additionally, there are a variety of groups you can select from for your practice, such as anxiety, depression, relationships, LGBTQ+, and more.

It truly is such a beautiful way to open up dialogue in your own safe space wherever that may be.

two women in white tops and blue jeans hugging in a room filled with sunlight

Warm Hugs In The Form Of A Card

As humans, we all have different size social jars. It is okay to listen to your body and recognize when you require a personal day of stillness and solitude. Random acts of kindness cards are a lovely way to say thank you or acknowledge affection without needing to be emotionally or physically present. You can either design blank templates that can be simply filled out with a compliment, music or meditations that you recommended, and even a small handcrafted token.

There are also a plethora of small and local sellers on independent marketplaces such as Etsy if you wish to purchase them instead.

Donate Hygiene Products To A College Or University

College and university can be an enriching and satisfying time in your life to plant the seeds of academic and professional ambitions. Yet, it often presents a financial difficulty to sustain oneself with the costs of course materials and basic living necessities.

According to the World Bank, 500 million menstruators worldwide lack access to sanitary products during their menstrual cycle. This is due to the unrealistically high cost of feminine items, as well as the scarcity of supplies in environments such as on campus. You can understand the detrimental impact it has on the lives of menstruators who are just trying to meet a basic human necessity.

The discussion and activism surrounding period poverty has made progress for some institutions around the globe, but it has not reached the traction it should have. Therefore, if you have room on your grocery bill and or find a great deal at your local pharmacy, consider passing on your luck as support for this vital issue.

In addition to that, contact the specific university or college gender equality network to see how they can make period goods and period poverty education more accessible to students.

Supporting Companies In Your Community

Local businesses play an important role in maintaining the ecosystem of neighborhoods and towns. They contribute to the influx of revenue for the district economy, the reduction of carbon footprint, city decision making, and much more. It’s important to promote your favorite small business in a variety of small ways, such as volunteering your professional services like bookkeeping, hosting fundraisers and events, and recommending micro-buying to friends and family.

You can also simply comment and follow on social media, write a great review on Google, and send in your love to news outlets for a feature.

On Demand Wishlists

With the endless calls nonprofits receive and the wandering minds of advocates, it can be tough to determine exactly what is desired, especially with ever-changing needs.

If you choose to shop at Amazon (and there are valid reasons you might reconsider that), you can add gift items to organizations without having to leave your humble abode. Charities such as The Humane Society, Caregivers On The Home Front, and The Children’s Hospital provide links to their wishlist on their website or on social media. Items can range from mental health tools to canned goods.

Prime delivery has not looked any better.


As a bonus, send this to someone you want to share the gift service with or on your community’s social board to start a movement.

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Photo: Anna Shvets via Unsplash

Sadie Kromm
Sadie Kromm is an Ontario-based writer, poet, and earth advocate. She has produced content in the sustainability, design, and wellness sectors, as well as attended leading industry film events as a media. You find find her on Twitter @sadiespress and Instagram@sadiespress.


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