These 5 Vegan Products Will Give You Magically Good Hair Days

October 25, 2016

5 Vegan Hair Products to Help You Fix a Hair Crisis Any DayLike anyone with knowledge in a general field, I have my own “knowledge gaps.” When it comes to beauty, I’m chin-deep in skincare research, and I feel pretty good about the world of makeup, too—my knowledge gap is in hair. In my defense, my thick, straight hair doesn’t readily lend itself to easy styling, so I rarely practice. Add in the humid weather of south Texas, and my hot tools are pretty much moot. *Cue the sad violin.*

Fortunately, I’ve learned to get by with some low-maintenance styles (a few bobby pins here…a 10-second ponytail there…). I would certainly be lost without my handy styling products, however. The following vegan hair products may not turn you into a celebrity hair stylist (if only!), but they can help fix a hair crisis on a busy weekday morning. 

Problem: Limp, second-day hair leaves you feeling stumped.

Hair Rx: Sachajuan Volume Powder

5 Vegan Hair Products to Help You Fix a Hair Crisis Any Day

This powder-based spray is a dry shampoo and volumizing superstar in one. It zaps limp, oily hair and gives a blowout new life. I use it on the fine hair above my ears, which is always the first section of my hair to look in dire need of shampooing. I also give a quick shot to the roots at the top of my head. Sachajuan Volume Powder does a great job of extending the life of a blowout and adding some texture (or grip) to the roots. The product is pretty foolproof, too (which is good news for me!). You simply spray on dry hair from 4-6 inches away, allow the spray to dry (which just takes a few seconds), and then remove any excess powder with your fingers. I actually give my roots a good ruffle to help disperse the product and its oil-absorbing powers.

Problem: Hair lacks texture.

Hair Rx: Love + Salt Amongst the Waves

5 Vegan Hair Products to Help You Fix a Hair Crisis Any Day

Living on the gulf has given me some appreciation for the whole #messyhairdontcare thing. With the windy, salty, damp air, you just can’t fight it. Some days, I decide to enhance my trace natural wave with a sea salt spray. I adore Love + Salt Amongst the Waves because it conditions hair with coconut oil, which helps prevent hair from looking parched or crunchy from the salty concoction. I use some generous sprays on damp hair, throw my hair in a loose bun, and then take it down a few hours later.

Problem: Scalp is dry and annoyingly shedding skin flakes.

Hair Rx: John Masters Organics Scalp: Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer for Thinning Hair

5 Vegan Hair Products to Help You Fix a Hair Crisis Any Day

This product doesn’t so much “fix” as it does prevent a hair crisis. Designed to promote healthy hair growth, this scalp treatment is a godsend if your scalp ever feels tight or itchy after showering (which may be the case if you live in an area with hard water). I use it for simply conditioning my scalp because I’ve been having major dry scalp lately. I found that after a single use, it made a visible difference in the flaky dry skin I was getting around my roots. The combination of vitamin B (panthenol) and 17 delicious-smelling herbs and essential oils does the trick!

Problem: Frizz and flyaways are salting your game.

Hair Rx: Evolvh Leave-In SmartStart Conditioner

5 Vegan Hair Products to Help You Fix a Hair Crisis Any Day

This water-based leave-in conditioner is light enough to spray over your entire head without making your hair unnecessarily heavy or oily. A blend of cumin seed oil and rice bran serves as UV protection to prevent damage to the color and integrity of hair. I use this leave-in to banish frizz and subtly smooth down my hair. The beauty of it is that it can be used on damp or dry hair.

Problem: Split or brittle ends are making your ‘do look less-than-sleek.

Hair Rx: Yarok Feed Your Shine Hair Serum

5 Vegan Hair Products to Help You Fix a Hair Crisis Any Day

Just a few drops of this conditioning hair oil can improve the appearance of tattered ends. While nothing will fully restore the health of damaged hair, this shine serum will help you get by until your next trim. I apply this to damp or dry hair—and just to the last few inches of my hair. Formulated with sesame seed oil, coconut oil, chamomile, clary sage, and cedar, Yarok Feed Your Shine Hair Serum is a hair-loving blend that can help prevent future damage to delicate hair.

What are your favorite vegan hair products?

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