Zoë Kravitz Swears By This Skin-Soothing Ingredient To Tame "Angry" Inflammation

February 22, 2018

When you think of cool and collected celebrities, actress Zoë Kravitz may come to mind. In the acclaimed HBO series Big Little Lies, Kravitz plays an impossibly hip wife and mother who knows what she’s about and isn’t afraid to stand up for others. But even chill girls have to deal with troublesome skin conditions.

Despite taking excellent care of herself—the star reportedly loves cardio, including running, hiking, and using an elliptical—and being fastidious about skin care (“My mom got me into skin care at a very young age,” she says), Kravitz’s skin acts out on occasion, especially when she’s under stress (stars—they’re just like us!).

Zoë Kravitz Swears By This Skin-Soothing Ingredient To Take "Angry" Inflammation

She confessed to Harper’s Bazaar that “My skin gets angry if I’m stressed out, so I’ll do a mask to clear it up.” Her mask of choice for soothing inflammation and keeping her skin hydrated is the raw and vegan Isun Chlorella-Algae Facial Mask, which one reviewer said smells like green juice—mmmm!

Zoë Kravitz Swears By This Skin-Soothing Ingredient To Take "Angry" Inflammation

Isun Chlorella-Algae Facial Mask

Isun is a boutique skin care company the offers luxe handmade treatments formulated with wild-crafted, organic ingredients. Designed for all skin types, the chlorella algae mask combines aloe vera gel (ultra cooling and soothing) with fresh-water chlorella algae and marine plants to tone and revitalize weary skin. The mask also features oat and calendula extract to provide further anti-inflammatory relief.

If chlorella sounds familiar to you, that’s likely because it’s currently getting a lot of buzz as a dietary supplement and is often featured in greens powders.  Given that this algae is one of the richest sources of chlorophyll, it’s no wonder this ingredient has risen to fame.

The known benefits of chlorella range from detoxing the body of heavy metals to improving immunity to boosting weight loss. When it comes to beauty, chlorella may help you look younger by reducing oxidative stress caused by pollution, stress, and poor diet, ultimately helping your skin look healthier. It’s no wonder Kravitz swears by it help her skin stay gorgeous!

While the Isun Chlorella-Algae Mask sounds divine, is anyone else getting inspired to try a DIY endeavor? A little (carefully selected) algae powder and aloe vera gel whipped into skin-soothing perfection? Sounds like a weekend project to me!

What’s your favorite skin-soothing mask?

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Photo: Zoe Kravitz via Instagram, Isun Skincare

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