Balance Your Star Sign With These Magical Zodiac Perfumes

December 10, 2019

Reading my horoscope is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Guilty because my more rationally minded friends (and, erm, my husband) love to mock astrology, and, hey, I get it–saying that my Moon in Scorpio explains my desire for privacy and my tendency to “digest all the vibes” is far from scientific. Pleasurable because astrology is a playground for introspection and creative expression–I mean, it’d be hard to argue that charting your life among the stars and planets isn’t somewhat poetic. After all, astrology is a mythos, complete with enchanting imagery and the promise of profound insight into your place among the universe.

As with Tarot, astrology holds fresh appeal for many Millennials on a quest for greater self-awareness with an alluring aesthetic to accompany it. Case and point: Co-Star, the horoscope app with sharp writing and moody black-and-white photographs with the perfect amount of edgy grain. One of my friends and I “added” one another, so we can keep up with each other’s ~transits~ and find out more about our “compatibility” (than we ever needed to know!). The joy of participating in astrology is not necessarily in basing one’s practical decisions on the stars but in using it as a tool to help you explore your psyche while refining the questions you ask yourself in the heart of the night.

And maybe experience just a little more magic in your life.

Balance Your Star Sign With These Magical Zodiac Perfumes

Outlets for zodiac enthusiasm aren’t limited to our screens, of course. One of the most exciting intersections of new age practices is that of astrology and aromatherapy & natural perfumery. Designed to nurture the salient aspects of your sign (be it your Piscean sensitivity or your Capricorn sense of responsibility) while balancing the areas where your sign tends to experience difficulty, these star-inspired blends may be applied as a favorite perfume or as part of a ritual to dive deeper and unlock the enchantress within. (Not to mention, they make great stocking stuffers for your more woo-woo pals!)

Let’s take a look! We’ve selected one perfume per element (water, fire, air, and earth).

Magical Zodiac Perfumes to Anoint Your Spiritual Goddess Self

Zodica Perfumery

Created with organic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients, Zodica Perfumery offers gorgeous blends with myriad uses: “The collection is designed to be worn in three ways, by sign, by season or by attraction,” the company explains. “You may embrace your sign, reflect the current season, or attract the sign’s intention into your day through scent and spoken-word. Each perfume is paired with a poem that is meant to be spoken before wearing to unleash the inspired intention into the universe.” The English major inside of me is swooning!

Balance Your Star Sign With These Magical Zodiac Perfumes

Featured zodiac perfume: Cancer

Intuitive and warm, this generous water sign is loyal and family-oriented. The Zodica Cancer Perfume softly beckons with romantic, summery notes of plum, iris, violet, rose, water lily, and sandalwood. The full-size bottle contains rose quartz to enhance the loving spirit of the perfume.

Black Earth Botanica 

For lovers of all things natural and witchy, enter Black Earth Botanica, a small business specializing in ancestral medicine, astrological anointing oils, ritual incense, runic healing elixirs, and phytotherapy. The astrological anointing oils feature creative combinations of natural notes sure to enliven your spiritual side.

Balance Your Star Sign With These Magical Zodiac Perfumes

Featured zodiac perfume: Sagittarius 

This fire sign is generous, free-spirited, and filled with wanderlust. The Black Earth Botanica Perfume blend features an inspired combination of spices, wild sagebrush aromatic roots, stinging nettle, sage, spikenard, piñon, moss, and juniper with hints of desert lavender, creosote, and native tobacco. I may be a water sign, but I’m feeling seduced. 

Strange Invisible Perfumes of the Zodiac

Strange Invisible Perfumes is known for its complex, gorgeously luxe eau de parfum blends that possess the glamor of classic perfumes but are made only with the finest natural ingredients.

Balance Your Star Sign With These Magical Zodiac Perfumes

Featured zodiac perfume: Gemini

An air sign both celebrated and feared for its duality, Gemini are smart, adaptable, and gifted with fluid communication. This perfume honors the nature of Gemini with sparkling violet, gardenia, and angelica set against a darker backdrop of amber and leather accord.

For Strange Women Perfume Horoscopes

Although their blends aren’t created for and named after specific star signs, For Strange Women Perfume offers a perfume horoscope to help you select one of their natural perfumes based on your sign.

Balance Your Star Sign With These Magical Zodiac Perfumes

Featured zodiac perfume: Virgo

“You may have the strangest scent preferences of all,” the horoscope says. “Your earthy nature craves musky root and wood scents, and a little patchouli doesn’t scare you. Anything that takes you out of your mind and into the present moment is great for you, so explore the rare notes to their fullest, such as oud, lotus, and palo santo.” One of the perfumes recommended for this hardworking earth sign is Coyote, a spicy, unisex blend of bay leaf, patchouli, and mandarin.

How do you enjoy astrology? Do you wear zodiac perfumes?

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