Are You In Receptive Or Resistance Mode? Here's What That Means For Attracting Your Desires

December 30, 2021

This is the most important thing you can practice to manifest your desires, according to Abraham Hicks teachings. In short, we have a receptive and a resistance mode. In a receptive mode, our wishes are not restrained from entering our lives, they are welcomed to flow in freely. Many of us, however, are unaware that some patterns of our behavior place us into a resistance mode, in which we unknowingly resist our dreams. Both modes have to do with:

  • the way you think about your desires,
  • what you like and don’t like in your life,
  • and, most importantly, how you go about it all in your every day life.

This article explains how to train your mind to remain in the receptive mode. With examples of changing relationship dynamics or getting a car of your dreams by switching to the receptive mode. This is how we are unintentionally blocking our dreams, and how we can open the path for them to arrive through.

Resistance mode

If resistance mode could speak, its words would be: “why is it not here?”, “when is it here?”, “is it even possible?”, “here’s what I don’t like”, “this is terrible, this needs to stop” “what do I do to get there?”, “how hard should I work?”, “this is difficult.” So what are we resisting?

The underlying idea is that our natural state is thriving, being in balance and harmony, feeling complete and abundant. This is the constant state of the Universe, Source, God, any higher power you relate to. It is always fulfilled and whole. When we vibrate at the same frequency as the Universe, Source, God, which we are an intricate part of, it feels good. Whenever we fall off of that quality of mental state, we experience turbulence. The negative emotions we feel are an indicator of us falling out of alignment with our natural peaceful harmonic state. Now, what exactly gets us to start resisting?

Resisting with your focus

As vibrational beings, we hold our main power in our vibration. This is how we are able to shape our reality, and the tool in this process is our focus. Our attention determines the frequency we attune to. When thinking of and discussing a problem, an issue, lack, dissatisfaction, the absence and timing of something we are falling off the abundance mindset. We begin to resist the abundance, as we are verbally and mentally acknowledging that we do not have it. This makes us feel uneasy and incomplete.

But even if you think of your desire, of all the good things, you could still be rejecting it. When you worry or are nervous about your desire, you are rejecting it. When you doubt your desire, you are rejecting it. Because the belief you then attach to your desire is that it is not likely to happen. When you worry about the timing of your desire, you are rejecting it. Because it not being here yet, makes you doubt if it is ever coming. This is all resistance mode.

Our natural abundant state welcomes more abundance. We are complete, and feeling so, we are constantly receiving more, as what we vibrationally communicate we attract. Focusing on lack, misfortune, blaming yourself, the situation, others, and the world, you lock yourself out of that abundance. You may be trying to manifest things, but your thoughts and your words are indicating the opposite. According to Esther Hicks, the inspirational speaker and author, you cannot think one thing and get the other, you cannot focus on the bad, and receive the good.

According to Hicks, we got into this life experience with an intention of having anything we desire. We have forgotten about the power of our attention, and the magnitude of this power. So we allowed this world to dictate what is possible and not, what is doable and isn’t.

Your desire’s perceived difficulty

This is the biggest blockage of our desires: how easy and doable you believe they are. We are holding self-limiting beliefs, dictated by the society, our observations, everything we have learned and encountered. To reach a whole new level of manifestation, we need to learn to let go of those limiting beliefs. Allow yourself to think and believe that much more, or, better, everything, is possible.

Constant focus on what is disallows change

Consider an example of a couple struggling with parts of their relationship. Some of those aspects have been troublesome and unsatisfactory. The advice for that couple is pulling attention away from the aspects of the relationship that are not working, and focusing on what is going well. If that is difficult to find, then, focusing on what used to be great, what got these two to fall in love in the first place. By removing attention from the bad part and focusing on the good part, you welcome more of the good.

In fact, ignoring the bad part as much as is possible for you, allows all the good to come to light, and bring in more good stuff with it. It is important to note that there are situations to which this will not apply, such as abusive relationships. Sometimes, the difficulties in your life are so evident that it is hard to look beyond it. A way to approach this is adopting the belief that it is changing for the better, that it is transforming already. Maybe with such incremental steps that it is not visible yet. Choose to believe that things are getting better.

Receptive mode

Receptive mode is also very much about receiving the very first signs of your desires arriving, with gratitude. Not rushing to receive more. Release the worry about the timing of your desires. Find pleasure in the excitement and anticipation of your dreams coming true. Our hardships in life are in fact what births our desires. We learn what we don’t like and don’t enjoy, and that motivates us to seek, dream of and desire what feels good. We can learn to appreciate this contrast as the earliest evidence of our dreams coming true. This contrast is the earliest phase of our desires manifesting.

Now this is what the receptive mode would say:

  • Let me think the best thought possible right now
  • Earning billion dollars is easy
  • Can I find anything good about it?
  • What used to be good about it?
  • I am happy when it comes true partially
  • I see all the good in my life and I choose to focus on that.

Choose to focus on whatever evidence, elements, and traces of abundance you have in your life. Abundance doesn’t mean having your home filled with stuff. It was never about that. Abundance is appreciation. Abundance is needing less, by realizing that your best feeling state comes from the non-material. Counterintuitively, this needlessness is what attracts these material things as well.

Your best feeling state comes from you allowing yourself to stop chasing and seeking externally. It is in meditation, self-care, peaceful moments you make time for, in sharing love, in following your passion, talents and fun, where you find abundance. Attune to the nature of who you really are, a powerful source of energy that is always complete. And may your receptive mode bring magic into your life.


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Anna Chuzhmarova
Anna is a certified biofield tuning practitioner, Reiki healer and writer. She lives in Amsterdam, is a sunset, moon, water, and life appreciator and enjoys time with her loved ones, studying spirituality and healing techniques, sports, yoga, dancing, and self-care. She is passionate about helping others discover the infinite power and love within them and live their best lives. Her Instagram account is @tuningtolove.


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