Yoga for a Better Sex Life

July 14, 2014

Yoga for Better Sex - Peaceful Dumpling

Yoga has improved my life in so many ways. I am better mentally, in that I am more spiritual, more positive, more accepting of life’s ups and down. I am better physically. I’m stronger and more flexible than I’ve ever been. But these mental and physical benefits seem obvious because they are exactly what great yoga proponents boast. The mind-body connection in yoga allows us to use postures and meditation to place our bodies and our minds in new ways and become more open and more present. This mind-body experience has transposed itself from the mat to all parts of my real world life — including the bedroom.

The connection we create between our minds and bodies during yoga is similar to the connection we make during sex. It’s not just our physical selves, but our minds, hearts and souls are involved in yoga and in lovemaking. The awareness of the self and the present moment learned from yoga can create a better emotional connection between you and your partner, more attention to the sex in the present moment rather than future worries or problems, and even greater arousal. When we are conscious of the present and have an open heart, sex doesn’t turn into a relationship’s obligation or careless lust, but instead into a shared experience of enlightenment and a stronger, more meaningful personal connection.

Through meditation and by opening certain chakras, especially the root, sacral, and heart chakras, we activate our sexual energy and foster greater love within ourselves that radiates outward deepening our connection and strengthening our intimacy.
Not only do yoga’s mental qualities come out to play during sex, but the physical benefits reaped from the asanas can make sex even more enjoyable. Certain poses can make us more flexible, boost stamina, open our heart, and increase intimacy when we become more aware and comfortable with our bodies.
So to help activate the sexual stimuli, below are seven poses to improve your sex life!

Improve your focus with standing balance poses. Hold these poses for longer and fix your gaze on an object (like a mandala or candle flame) to better your concentration.
Eagle Pose

Yoga for Better Sex - Peaceful Dumpling
Bend your knees and lift one foot over your leg and wrap the foot around, hooking it around your calf. Place the arm opposite to your foot over the other arm with your elbows bent in front of your torso. Stay here for five breaths.
What makes Eagle so sexy is that when you release the pose, blood flows through your cervix — preparing your body for some tender loving.
Boost your stamina during sex and increase your pelvic sensations with ab-strengthening poses. Poses that strengthen your core build endurance and also help the pelvic floor muscles heightening your sensation in the pelvic region.

Boat Pose

Yoga for Better Sex - Peaceful Dumpling
Sit on the floor with your knees bent. Lean back slightly and lift legs up and begin to straighten them upward. Extend your arms out alongside your legs.
Improve your flexibility and increase your blood flow in the pelvic region with hip-opening poses. Hip-opening poses are especially good for opening the sacral and root chakras, helping to activate sexual energy.

Pigeon pose

Yoga for Better Sex - Peaceful Dumpling
Start in either Downward facing dog or on all fours. Move right knee forward toward right hand. Slide your left leg back. Make sure your right foot is flexed and your hips are square. Slowly fold over and place your forearms are on the ground. Fold your chest over the floor if comfortable.
Bridge pose

Yoga for Better Sex - Peaceful Dumpling
Lie on your back with knees bent. Inhale and lift your hips up. Interlace your hands underneath you with your shoulder blades drawn together.
Bridge pose is not only great for toning hip flexors, but works the Kegels—the muscles that contracts during an orgasm. Working these muscles help to tone the vagina and improve orgasms.

Try chest-opening poses to help open your heart chakra for more loving energy.

Camel pose
Begin on knees and slowly lean back, reaching one hand behind you to touch your ankles. Push your hips forward and relax your neck and head.

Yoga for Better Sex - Peaceful Dumpling

Strengthen your intimacy by connecting to your lower half visually.
Plow pose

Yoga for Better Sex - Peaceful Dumpling
Lie on your back. Inhale and using your core lift your hips and legs up. Straighten your legs and slowly lower them behind you until toes touch the floor.
Plow increases your blood flow, but also connects you to your body more and gets you comfortable with your pelvic area, especially when you have to stare directly at it during the pose.
Resting poses help you to be still and focus in on the present moment.

yoga for better sex savasana
Lie on your back with legs extended and arms out to your sides. Close your eyes and focus on your breath.

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