7 Ways to Break Out of Your Fitness Rut

February 19, 2015

We all have our go-to workout routines, whether it’s yoga, Crossfit or barre. But sometimes getting too comfortable with one type of workout can lead to a fitness plateau, or worse, giving up entirely due to plain old boredom. If you ever find yourself yawning more than sweating, try these 7 ways to break out of your fitness rut!

7 Ways to Break Out of Your Fitness Rut

Switch things up by taking the road less traveled

1. Change up your playlist. If  you’re spending more time scrolling through your phone for the perfect playlist instead of actually working out (guilty!), try switching up your music choice to something totally different. Pandora, Spotify and even YouTube have some great options for workout playlists that will get you moving. More specifically, songs with 120-140 beats per minute are proven to boost motivation and intensity.

2. Try something new. Do you always go to yoga, but are frustrated with a lack of progress? Shake things up by trying a workout you’ve never done before. If you’re a barre addict, try salsa dancing. If you’re obsessed with zumba, incorporate weight training with strength conditioning. Besides being the spice of life, variety in your workout routine and intensity will help you overcome plateaus and make your fitness abilities more well-rounded.

3. Bring a friend. Recruit your significant other, BFF, coworker or whoever to join you at the gym. By bringing a plus one along, you can help keep each other accountable and inspire a little healthy competition. Plus, a friend is always nice to have for spotting purposes, or if you’re too scared to wander into the weights section alone!

4. Take the road less traveled. Whether you’re a marathon runner or a casual walker, taking the same route every day gets boring. Try taking a different route, or do your normal circuit backwards for a new perspective. And if you’re a gym rat, get outside and workout at the park or on the beach.

7 Ways to Break Out of Your Fitness Rut

Who says fitness has to be serious? Have fun with it!

5. Do nothing. Yes, you heard me, stay home! Sometimes the best way to recharge is to do nothing at all. Make sure you are taking active recovery days and periods of rest to recover and refresh your body and mind.

6. Incorporate interval training. For those of us with serious fitness-induced ADHD, try workouts that involve HIIT or Tabata training. Not only do these types of workouts keep things interesting by constantly switching up exercises, they also get you in and out of the gym faster. On top of that, these super-charged sessions will do more for your overall fitness than an hour on the StairMaster ever would.

7. Make it game. There’s no rule that says working out has to be something super serious or overly structured, so have fun with it! Sign up for a silly themed race with a friend, or download an app like “Zombies, Run!”. As long as  you’re moving your body and smiling I call that a win-win!


Fitness junkies out there, what do you do to break through a workout rut and get motivated again?

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