The Future Is Sustainable: Most Glam Conscious Fashion From The 2017 Met Gala

May 4, 2017

It seems appropriate that this year’s Met Gala, one of New York City’s premiere celebrity events benefiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, celebrated Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo, whose work is known for pushing boundaries. At Peaceful Dumpling, we’re all about pushing sartorial boundaries — especially if that means eschewing fast fashion in favor of eco-friendly clothing made responsibly. This year, we were excited to see a growing number of celebs take this ethos to heart by wearing some of our favorite eco-friendly styles to date.

This was, in part, a response to Eco-Age’s campaign dubbed The Green Carpet Challenge (GCC), which collaborates with designers and celebrities in an effort to showcase different fabrics and accessories that are environmentally-friendly, sustainable, and responsibly produced, among other strict criteria. Though the has been around for several years, this year has already shown a steady increase in individuals using their celebrity as a platform for eco-activism! Without further ado, here are our favorite

Gisele Bündchen donned a bespoke pewter gown made from organic silk embroidered with sustainable glass beads, by Stella McCartney (a PD fave!). As you may know from our earlier coverage of Gisele, she is a United Nations Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador and the founder of Projecto Agua Limpa (Clean Water Project) in her native Brazil. Plus, when asked about the important of fashion and arts, which are now under threat of major budget cuts, she spoke out: “Fashion is a form of art, and museums are a wonderful place to learn about different cultures, ideas, and a place where you can get inspired. It only stays this way when we support the arts.” Perhaps not the *most* pointed reference to politics, but recognizable stance to anyone who is reading between her lines.

Livia Firth, founder of Eco-Age, a sustainability consulting agency, mastermind behind The Green Carpet Challenge® and yes, wife of 20 years to a little someone named Colin, rocked a dress made of pineapple leaf fiber (also known as Piñatex) by Italian designer Laura Strambi. Piñatex fibers are a natural byproduct of the pineapple harvest process, so it requires no extra land, water, fertilizers, or pesticides during production. This innovative cruelty-free material is new on the fashion scene, and has the look and feel of leather. Finally, she wore Chopard drop earrings made with ethically sourced aquamarines, tanzanites, and diamonds. She also worked with Gisele and Stella on their gowns too.

“I love to think of each red carpet opportunity as a sustainability project in itself,” said the UN Leader of Change and the Rainforest Alliance Award honoree, and mom of two, probably incredibly nice children. She really does set the bar very high for like, everything. #lifegoals.


Stella McCartney and Kate Hudson were a surprising duo, both sporting hair styled by exclusively vegan and cruelty-free products by ABBA. Stylist Peter Gray noted, “People don’t have to be granola to be environmentally conscious. It alienates people.” He went on to say that he always seeks out hair products that aren’t tested on animals. Kate Hudson’s white (Frozen ish?) top knot was inspired by the avant-garde dress code. Stella McCartney’s was a nod to Jerry Hall with its cornrow part and rockstar waves.


Stars…they’re just like us.


Naomi Watts stunned in a slinky gown also by Stella McCartney, whose eponymous line is 100% vegan and seeks to tread lightly on the planet by using sustainable fabrics and treating workers fairly. We love the elegant floor-length style of this gown contrasted with the intricate netting across the front sides, and back.


What’s been your favorite eco-friendly red (green?) carpet look from this year?

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Photo: Green Carpet Awards via Instagram


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