Wrinkle-Free Travel Clothes To Take On Your Next Adventure

June 12, 2023

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We’ve all been there. You assembled the perfect wardrobe, meticulously planned, carefully packed, hopped on a plan, and landed. You’re exhausted, ready for a shower, and likely in need of some food. You open your suitcase for your favorite button down top and pants, only to find them horribly wrinkled and basically unwearable until you find an iron or some wrinkle-release spray. The suitcase wrinkles strike again.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Thanks to new fabric technology, travel-wear companies are creating ways to not sacrifice fashion for function, creating pants and tops that are wrinkle-resistant and iron-free.

If you’re ready to pack the perfect summer wardrobe without the wrinkle hassle, read on below for our top travel brands below. 

Best Summer Linen: Chico’s

Price Range: $$

Why We Love It: Chico’s may have had a reputation as “the store your grandmother shopped at,” but don’t let that stereotype fool you. Chico’s has done some work and it’s having a major moment with Gen Z’s and Millennials. Their linen prints are bold and fun, designed in a variety of cuts and patterns to dress up or down for business or pleasure. And, thanks to their no-iron fabric, you can get that gorgeous breathability and light-weight aspect of linen without looking like a walking wrinkle poster sign. Once you go wrinkle-free, you’ll never go back.

Shop their No Iron Linen

Best All-Day Wear: Wayre

Price Range: $$

Why We Love It: Wayre designs clothing to address all the worst parts of travel: the spills, the sweat, and the wearing-the-same-outfit-multiple-times-a-trip. Thanks to their stink and spill-proof fabric, you can wander the steamy streets of Rome or conquer the concrete jungle of New York City without worrying about pasta spills or sneaky sweat smells. No ironing required and some pieces even offer a subtle pocket to store passports and important documents. Better yet? Wayre products are made of an eco-friendly woven blend made from reclaimed post-consumer plastic bottles and recycled spandex to save your summer adventures and the landfills.

Shop Wayre 

Best Professional Tops: Lands’ End

Price Range: $$

Why We Love It: You can’t describe the origin of modern business attire without mentioning Lands’ End. Lands’ End has been an American staple for decades since its origin in 1963. Offering a variety of durable classic button downs, Lands’ End’s wrinkle-resistant fabric makes business-on-the-go just a bit easier. Check out their wrinkle-free shirt here or explore their full travel collection below.

Peruse their Travel Clothes 

Best Wrinkle-Free Travel Pants for Any Occasion: Aday

Price Range: $$$

Why We Love It: Aday’s timeless, elevated designs make travel clothes look more chic than ever. Pill-resistant, wrinkle-free, and quick-drying, these pants can withstand long-term use without wear and tear all the while feeling luxe and comfortably thanks to their breathable and thermoregulating design. All designs are made in Italy in a solar-powered factory, putting sustainability at the heart and soul of Aday’s innovative designs. 

Explore the Collection

Best Travel Dresses: Tasi Travels

Price Range: $$$

Why We Love It: Made from cotton and Tencel, a natural fiber made of eucalyptus wood pulp, Tasi Travels dresses are light-weight, breathable and wrinkle-resistant. Offering a high-end look without the wrinkled nature, Tencel is a versatile fiber perfect for all day wear with anti-microbial properties. As a brand, Tasi Travels commits to only using sustainably-sourced fibers and donating a tree for every item sold via One Tree Planted. Explore Tasi Travels’ collection of cottagecore-level dresses below. 

Shop the Store

Best Wrinkle-Free Hat: Madewell’s Packable Braided Straw Hat

Price Range: $

Why We Love It: A true summer travel wardrobe isn’t complete without a hat, and this foldable one is a must-add to your summer adventure outfits. Easily roll it up and stash in your carry-on, for a wrinkle-free accessory to save you from the summer heat. 

Buy the Hat

Other Wrinkle-Free Fashion Considerations

Beyond the brands above, consider checking tags for fabric to determine whether or not an item will be wrinkle-resistant. In general, fabrics such as lyocell, polyester, knits, spandex, and rayon tend to be better at resisting wrinkles compared to natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and hemp. For natural and wrinkle-resistant fabrics, both Tencel and twill are plant-based and plastic-free for a more environmentally-friendly option.


Next time you take a trip, don’t let wrinkles hold you back from enjoying your time away. Invest in easily packable wrinkle-resistant clothing to let your wardrobe work for you wherever, whenever.

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