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Winter Style: 6 Ideas for an Effortlessly Cool Look


outfitIt’s about to get real because, confession: I live in yoga pants. There, I said it! Nothing I do, work or otherwise, requires anything more than denim, which for me is the fanciest it gets in the winter.
But of course, jeans aren’t as comfy or warm as the versatile black spandex occupying my drawers, so it’s pretty much yoga pants everyday.

The girl who writes about fashion all day long wears yoga pants. Mind blown yet? Give me a second–I bet I’m not the only one who reverts to easier athletic get ups in the cold, right? Because news flash, it’s totally possible to look pulled together with the right accessories. Thicker than leggings but lighter and easier to get on than jeans, they make the perfect winter companion. Instead of pulling out your college sweatshirt in tandem with your stretchy pants (guilty!) try these tips to fool people into thinking you’re a productive and stylish member of society–even if it’s been a few days since you washed your hair.



1. Wear skinny yoga pants to camouflage as pants. Wide legs gives the yoga pant away, but no one looks that closely at skinny pants. I love American Apparel’s cotton straight yoga pant. It comes in many colors, but black goes with everything (and hides the extra holiday pounds we’re all still working off).


2. Couple your pants with tunics or oversize sweaters. No one will see the fold over waist band and they’re none the wiser. Free People’s oversized side slit sweater does just the trick, with extra roominess to wear it off the shoulder if your heart desires.


3. Wear a bright lipstick. Bright lips draw attention away from everything else, so feel free to not wear any makeup other than an eye catching lip color. All of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ lip tars fit the bill, but the shade Queen reigns. (Bonus: it’s cruelty-free and vegan, natch).



4. Throw on a statement piece of jewelry. Either a ring or chunky necklace, like Pamela Love’s arrowhead ring gives you more polish.


5. Use a structured handbag, not a throw all tote. Something with a shape exudes a professional/sophisticated vibe. Bonus points if it has a chain strap, like Deux Lux’s Georgie Clutch.


6. Wear flats or boots. A motorcycle boot or knee high boot works well in tucking away excess scrunched up pant material, should you have any. The goal is to hide as much of the pant as possible in a totally natural way. NAE’s Cleta boot (made in Portugal with vegan and hypoallergenic microfiber) pulls the outfit together.

And voila! You look like a million bucks but feel like you’re in your favorite pajamas- talk about low maintenance. You have my permission to make this your daily uniform too, swapping out sweaters to wash hopefully more often than your hair.

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