Why Fall Is the Best Season to Get Back in Shape

August 14, 2013

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As I write, the outside temperature in NYC is a perfect 72 degrees, with mild breeze, and there is  a copy of newly-arrived September Vogue at my desk. August is halfway over and fall will soon be upon us. But before you breathe a bittersweet sigh (no more bikini season!), here’s why you should jump back into exercise rather than letting it slide–because fall is the best season to get back in shape.

1. Working out outdoors: With slight crispness in the air, and no risk of allergies, overheating, or frozen ground, Fall is the best season to exercise outside. Running outside is more pleasant this time of year than at any other time.

2. Back to school: If you are still a student, fall means going back to school–a great occasion to get back in shape and look your best. Even in the corporate world, fall feels like a beginning of a new year as many people return from sabbaticals and holidays, and there are often new hires at this time. If you got a new job, congratulations! Now is the perfect time to get into shape so you can approach your job with a healthy mind and body.

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3. Holidays and family reunions: You could think of Thanksgiving and Christmas as those few times a year when you can just forget about calories and eat all day. But since you’ll be seeing many people for the first time in a while, why not use these holidays as a motivation instead? Use these days as your goal dates to get in shape–and when you finally arrive at your mother-in-law’s house in a svelte dress, the compliments will make you feel so good, you might not even be tempted to overeat.

4. No more summer vices: Happy hour with frozen margaritas, (soy) ice cream, lots of eating out “because it’s so nice out”–summer can be full of fitness hazards. On the other hand, fall fosters a sense of stability as turning on the oven sounds welcome and cozy again. Soups, ratatouille, tea, cabbage salads, and whole grain salads…eating such healthy, homemade foods will make you more energized, and ready to work out.

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