White Moon Or Red Moon Cycles: How The Moon Affects Your Period & Personal Growth

June 4, 2021

The moon is a hot (and technically cold) topic. Full moons were said to make werewolves appear, and some people believe that the full moon causes madness. Anecdotal lore created a mystery to this reflecting orb in the night sky. Even now with modern day mercury retrograde “meltdowns,” I think it’s safe to say that the moon has had a bad reputation.

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to astrology and the different phases/coordinates of the moon. And research is still trying to understand all the phenomenon when the moon is full. One thing we do know is that the lunar phase is 29.5 days, and that just so happens to coincide with the female menstrual phase. So ladies, listen up—moods matter! Although men do have their own hormonal phase, theirs is limited to a 24 hour cycle. For females, the average menstrual cycle is 28–29 days.


The four main phases of the moon are the new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon phase. The four phases of the menstrual cycle are bleeding, luteal, ovulation, and follicular. Just like with nature, everything goes through cycles and phases. The cycle women call their “period” is a cycle of creativity and manifestation. When we empower ourselves with the knowledge and wisdom of our phases and how they magically align with the moon phases, we can grow into our divine femininity.

Each phase is roughly 5–7 days long. Every woman is different, and there is no right or wrong cycle. Most cycles that are synced with the moon bleed during the new moon, which is connected to renewal and new beginnings. Every phase has different meaning, experiences, and lessons to teach us.

The bleeding/new moon phase is a period of rest and nourishment. Listening to your body and honoring its need to slow down and just be is highly encouraged during this time. This phase may bring heightened emotions to the surface, so give your body a break and just relax.

The luteal/pre-ovulation/waxing phase is a time to use inspiration to create action. This is the spring phase when energy is increasing and so are your hormones!

The ovulation/full moon phase is known for its abundance of sensual creativity and the strong desire to express and connect with others. Many people blossom as extroverts in this phase. Estrogen is especially high now. The moon is full and so is your schedule. Make sure you don’t overdo it though, because what goes up, must come down—just like the moon.

The follicular/waning phase is a time for clarifying your needs and letting go of things weighing you down. Your intuition is stronger during this phase. Just like with autumn, trees must shed their leaves to make space for new ones. And remember to say ‘no’ to others so you can say yes to yourself.

Not only are there four different phases women go through, their cycles will naturally sync to the moon’s cycles. Their are two main moon cycles, white and red, but there are also the pink and purple moon cycles.

White Moon Cycle

This particular cycle is the more common one among menstruating women. Women on this cycle are ovulating with the full moon and bleeding with the new moon. It’s associated with women in the fertile mother phase of their life, since it mirrors the traditional cycle of the moon when it’s most full and fertile. When women sync to this moon phase they are in a period of their life where they may be birthing children or already caring for children. Their energy is pulled inward where it’s harnessed so that they can embody the matriarchal figure and nurture their offspring. Women ready to transition into motherhood and synced to the new moon are said to have a white moon cycle as well.

Red Moon Cycle

The red moon cycle, also called the “wise woman’s cycle,” is when women bleed with the full moon and ovulate with the new moon. Bodies will naturally sync to this cycle if you are in the process of “birthing” something creative, like a business. The energy is channeled outward, helping to build this idea you’ve been crafting. Women who have a red moon cycle are historically known for being healers. The label “witch” was even used in order to subdue and vilify women synced to this cycle because the patriarchal societies were fearful of their power. Many women linked to this cycle have a deep desire for self-growth.

Pink Moon Cycle

If your period falls near a waxing crescent moon, you’re on a Pink Moon Cycle. This is associated with the Maiden archetype and growing, enthusiasm, and physical vigor.

Purple Moon Cycle

Does your period fall in the waning moon stage? Then you’re on a Purple Moon Cycle. Think of autumn: the inward reflection and a time of letting go. A Purple Moon Cycle may indicate that you’re in a time of self-discovery.


Just as with cycles, our moods will fluctuate. One of my favorite quotes is by Rainer Maria Rilke and it has helped shaped my mindset with my own mood fluctuations.

Let everything happen to you,
beauty and terror.
Just keep going,
no feeling is final.


Our moods will pass and our periods will leave us. The only constant we have is change. So listen to your body, and honor where it’s at in your own cycle. Allow La Luna, the moon, and Mother Earth to work her magic. Trust the process. Everything happens for a reason.

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Photo: Sanni Sahil on Unsplash

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