Weekly Round up: Olinguitos and Spoons in Underwear to Save Women

August 16, 2013

It’s Friday and that means it’s Weekly Round up time! Let’s start with this week’s loser: and it’s the military regime of Egypt, which has been brutally suppressing demonstrators, resulting in hundreds of casualties and deaths. And this week’s winner is clearly olinguito, the world’s first new mammal in thirty-five years. The Smithsonian announced the discovery just yesterday, but it turns out that these miniature raccoon-like omnivores from the Andes have been under everyone’s noses the whole time–even kept in zoos along with their larger cousins, olingos. There was at least one olinguito in a zoo that refused to mate or mingle with the olingos–and zookeepers had just thought it was “a fussy olingo.” Somewhere, that lonely and misunderstood olinguito is celebrating.

olinguito mark gurney

-After losing 3% of its diet coke sales last year, Coca Cola rolled out a new ad campaign to reassure the consumers that diet sodas are not harmful. The campaign is called “Quality Products You Can Feel Good About,” and the main message is that artificial sweeteners are “safe, high quality alternatives” to real sugar. But don’t be reach for the silver can: studies, including these cited by the National Cancer Institute, show links between artificial sweetener and increased cancer risks. And artificial sweeteners have been shown to increase appetite and overall caloric intake.

-A British charity organization has come up with an ingenious and simple way to stop forced marriages–a spoon in your underwear. Every year, thousands of Muslim girls in the U.K. are sent abroad by their families on forced arranged marriages, sometimes disguised as a “holiday.” They often are left with no options to contact the authorities safely, and the airport might be the last chance they have before leaving UK soil. By putting a metal object in their undergarments, they are taken to a private security section where they can safely disclose the situation and seek help without their families’ knowledge.

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Photo: Mark Gurney / Associated Press





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