10 Ways to Freshen Your Look Between Seasons

February 16, 2015

Right about now…is the time when I get so tired of my winter wardrobe. And yet, mid to late February also happens to be the coldest time of the year and no time to start breaking out new spring clothes. So how to freshen your look without buying a bunch of things you can’t realistically wear until 6 weeks down the road?

We often hear that the cooler season is a time for introspection and reinvention. In other words, there’s no better time to hole up in your closet and rediscover yourself—or at least some neat sweaters. This project is also suited for the eco-minded—and those looking to make more earth-friendly choices, ahem.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Before you even get started, realize that shopping your closet, depending on how many clothes you have, may take just as much time as a Saturday at the mall. So plan to do it in a leisurely way: include coffee breaks, and be sure to wear comfortable, easy to remove clothes, so you can easily try on clothes—and have a full-length mirror ready. Finally, make space in your bedroom (or wherever) for various piles (more on those below).

2. Next, dig out all of those impulse buys and things that you always try on but take off before leaving the house. There is promise in these clothes, but perhaps the way they fit is just a bit off. Why not make an appointment with your tailor to adjust these clothes for a better, more flattering fit. (And make another pile while you’re at it.)

3. Perhaps there’s something that fits nicely and is of good quality, but it just makes you snore a little. Get creative. Sew on new buttons, an elbow patch, or, if it’s something like a dress, shorten it or add a ribbon for a belt.

10 Ways to Freshen Your Look Between Seasons

How about adding sequin elbow patches?


4. Mix and match. If you’re used to wearing single-color suits, for example, why not pair a grey suit jacket with a black skirt? Or, make your usual all black outfit (black sweater, black jeans/leggings, black shoes) more interesting by mixing in brown or navy blue: a deep indigo sweater, for instance, or brown Oxfords instead of your black booties.

5. Or be more daring with your combinations. Mix work and play (think standard work sheath + sexy faux leather jacket).

6. Mix formal and casual. What about a formal dress + denim jacket and chunky boots?

7. Transition into spring by mixing seasons (a personal favorite of mine). Got a floaty spring dress you are dying to wear? Wear with leggings or tights. Layer jewel-necked sweater over a thin turtleneck for a warmer ensemble.

8. Embrace brighter, lighter colors. Can’t bear to see another gray sweater, black coat? Adding bright colors to your outfit will spring-ify your look without making you cold: the key is to start small. Instead of your winter-y burgundy polish, try pastel nail polish, like mint green or lilac, with dainty rings for a subtle outfit-lifter.

10 Ways to Freshen Your Look Between Seasons


9. …And frame your face with bright patterns. Instead of your usual chunky knit scarf, incorporate brightly patterned vintage scarves. Wear it around your neck, or tie it to your bag–or, tie it around your face like a semi-turban (warmth, but spring-y!). Wear a statement necklace over your winter sweater, or bejeweled headband to brighten your face.

10 Ways to Freshen Your Look Between Seasons

Ditch your chunky knit black scarf for a bright patterned scarf.


10. Don’t stop at clothes! You can repeat these steps with your accessories. If you’re feeling particularly bored with your daily jewelry selection, try layering pieces in a new way. Don’t be afraid to stack rings and mix metals! (I’m currently wearing white, yellow, and rose gold as I write this. This is not to suggest that I’m draped in precious metals, however 😉 ).


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