Vegan Makeup: Summer Inspired Makeup Tutorial

June 4, 2015

Vegan Makeup: Summer Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Summer is a time of fun, relaxation, and blossoming creativity.  Why not give your usual makeup routine a break and embrace the bright, cheery colors of the summertime?!

Follow these simple steps to get glowing this summer!

The Products:


Wearing a heavily made-up face is no fun during the summer’s high humidity and heat, so give your skin a break from your usual foundation and try a BB/CC cream or a tinted moisturizer (with SPF, of course!).

My Recommendations:

  • BB Cream: Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm Multi-Benefit Skin Care Make-up with SPF 20 (available online and in-store at Sephora and Ulta, $34.00)
  • CC Cream: Pacifica’s Ultra Natural CC Cream Radiant Foundation with SPF 17 (available online and in-store at Target and select Whole Foods, $18.00)
  • Tinted Moisturizer: Mineral Fusion Sheer Tint Mineral Foundation with UV protection from minerals and skin soothing botanicals (available online and in-store at select Whole Foods, $29.99)

Summer is all about sun-kissed skin (the safe way!).  Rather than spending too much time catching the perfect summer glow in the sun, try adding a little creamy bronzer to your everyday contouring routine to achieve a great glow without all the damage!

My Recommendations:

  • Pacifica Radiant Shimmer Coconut Multiples (the pearly nature of these shades will be sure to add some luminosity to your look!) (available online and in-store at Target and select Whole Foods, $14.00)
  • Pumpkin and Poppy “Natalie” Vegan Cream Bronzer (available on Etsy, $10.25)
  • Shear Miracle Organics Organic Luxury Bronzer (available online, $36.99)

Pair your bronzer with a peachy-pink or light coral blush and a luminescent highlighter to achieve truly radiant skin!

My Recommendations:

  • Etherealle Beauty’s Mineral blushes & highlighters (available on Etsy, $7.80-$12.80)
  • Josie Maran Cosmetics Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelees (available online and in-store at Sephora, $22.00)
  • 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Blush (my favorite shade is Mimosa!) (available online and in-store at select Walgreens, $35.00)
  • Gabriel Cosmetics Liquid Radiance (available online and in-store at select Whole Foods, $12.50)


Add some pizazz to your usual eye makeup routine by creating a look with a multitude of shades!

My Recommendations:

  • Pacifica Enlighten Eye Brightening Shadow Palette (vibrant gold and deep eggplant shades included!) (available online and in-store at Target and select Whole Foods, $14.00)
  • Addictive Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow & Eyeliner in Vino (a dark merlot color) (available on Etsy, $4.99)
  • Addictive Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow in Sailor (a grayish navy blue) (available on Etsy, $4.99)
  • Addictive Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow Metallics Quad Set: Cosmic, Sphinx, Gangsta & Bewitched (beautiful blues and shimmery gray & gold shades) (available on Etsy, $15.99)
  • Gabriel Cosmetics Beach Beauty Palette ( 4 earthy shades of Marsala, pantone color of the year) (available online and in-store at select Whole Foods, $27.50)

Don’t forget your waterproof mascara this summer! Try Pacifica’s Aquarian Gaze Water-Resistant Long Lash Mineral Mascara for beautiful, waterproof lashes!


Bright pink lips are the perfect finishing touch for this look!

My Recommendations:

  • Insomnia Cosmetics Lipstick in Moon Child (fuchsia pink) (available on Etsy, $10.00)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Cosmetic Colour Pencil in Anime (bright pink) (available online and in-store at Sephora, $16.00)
  • Limnit Lipsticks Lipstick in Racin’ Carnation (bright pink red) (available on Etsy, $4.60-$12.95)
  • Aromi Matte Liquid Lipstick in Electric Orchid (magenta pink) (available on Etsy and on the brand’s website, $17.00)

The MakeUp:


1. Apply your foundation product of choice and conceal any blemishes & imperfections as needed! Be sure to blend your foundation down onto your neck–even a light, tinted moisturizer still needs to be blended well!


1. Apply an eye shadow primer, such as Be Conscious Cosmetics vegan eye shadow primer, to your entire eyelid, crease, and underneath your eyebrows.  This will help set your eye make-up, which is particularly important on a hot & humid summer day!

2. Next, apply a pearly, sandy shade to your lids.  This will serve as your base  eye shadow color.

3. After applying your base color, apply a light cream eye shadow underneath your eyebrows and onto your eyelids in order to highlight them.  Also apply this color to the inner corners of your eyes to brighten them up!

4. Now to add the color! Choose 3 to 4 different shades to complete your eye make-up look.  For the look pictured above, I first applied a taupe shade to my crease with a round contouring eye shadow brush.  Starting with a more neutral base in your crease will help to add dimension to your eyes, while also making it easier to blend your other colors of choice.

5.  After applying your base contour shade, choose a dark, jewel tone to complete your contouring.  I combined a navy blue and an eggplant shade for my look by first applying the navy blue with another round contouring brush and blending it into the taupe and outwards toward the outer corner of my eye.

6. Adding the eggplant (or your complementary dark shade of choice) will further exaggerate your eyes and make them pop even more!  Apply this shade with an angled eye shadow brush to the outer corner of your eye, as well as on your lower lash line (to about the center of your eye).  Blending it into the navy and then underneath your lower lashes will give you a fun, flirty “smokey eye” effect.

7. Using that same eggplant or dark shade, apply a thin line of eyeliner above your lashes from the center of your eyelid to the outer corner.  It should blend easily into the sandy eyelid base color and disappear into the eggplant and navy contouring on your outer eyelid/crease. You can apply it with a wet angled eyeliner brush or simply brush the shadow on with the same angled eye shadow brush you previously used.  Don’t worry about creating a perfect, defined line–the goal is for a smokey, “barely there” eyeliner look that will help pop your eye color rather than distinctly define your eyes.

8.  Next, choose a metallic gold, copper, bronze, or silver shade and apply it with an angled eye shadow or eyeliner brush from the inner corner of your eye into the eggplant or dark shade you already applied.  The two shades should flow into each other rather than appear as two separate color applications.  Adding a metallic touch to your look is sure to take your ordinary eye make-up to a chic new level!

9.  Curl your lashes and apply 2 to 3 coats of your favorite waterproof mascara. To avoid the difficulty of removing waterproof mascara (nothing ever seems to!), first apply a regular mascara to your lashes and then apply a few coats of the waterproof formula.  This way the waterproof mascara will bond more to the regular mascara rather than your own lashes, giving you a lovely, damage-proof look without all of the hassle!Vegan Makeup: Summer Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Contouring & Blush:

1. Apply your creamy bronzer to your cheekbones, temples, and your jawbone–blending downwards onto your neck and into your hairline.  I recommend applying it to your skin with your fingers and then using an angled blush brush to blend it out into your hairline and down your neck.  Also be sure to blend the make-up you apply to your cheekbones so that it appears soft and not as a harsh line.

2. Apply your highlight color to your cheeks, chin, forehead, nose, and underneath your eyes.  Blend the highlight color into the bronzer.  I suggest using a fluffy powder foundation brush for a powder highlighter and using your fingertips to apply a cream/liquid product to achieve this part of the look.

3. Next, smile and apply your blush color to the apples of your cheeks, blending it out towards your hairline.  I prefer using a kabuki blush brush to apply blush so that my application is even and precise.

4. Blend the blush and bronzer with your highlight color using either the same fluffy powder foundation brush as before or your fingertips.


1. The key to any perfect lipstick application is to begin with soft, smooth, and hydrated lips!  Prior to applying any of your make-up use a lip scrub (my absolute favorite is LUSH Cosmetics Bubblegum Lip Scrub!) to gently remove any rough patches.  Then, make sure to moisturize those lips to help seal in moisture!  My current favorite lip balm is Ollie and Max Soap Co.’s Natural Unflavored Vegan Lip Balm (available on Etsy and in a multitude of delicious flavors!).  This lip balm is organic, vegan, and by far the best lip balm I have ever used!  It will provide your lips with long lasting moisture and provide the perfect base for your lipstick application.

2. After you prep your lips, it’s time to apply that pop of color!  I chose to mix two of my favorite shades, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Cosmetic Colour Pencil in “Anime” and Insomnia Cosmetics Lipstick in “Moon Child.”  By starting with a lip pencil in your color of choice, you eliminate the need for a clear or neutral lip liner.  Plus, if your lipstick wears off, your lip pencil will be there to save the day!  Any bright color will do for this look, so just have fun!  Use a small lip or concealer brush to help apply the cream lipstick and keep your application precise.

3.  To further define and highlight your lips, apply your eye shadow highlight color above your upper lip and onto the center of your lips.  Highlighting these specific areas adds the illusion of fullness to your lips!

4. Your look is complete! Time to enjoy all of the beauty that the summertime has to offer.

 Vegan Makeup: Summer Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Happy Summer!!

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Photo: Becky Curl

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