Vegan Makeup: St. Patrick's Day Makeup Tutorial

March 16, 2015

Vegan Makeup: St. Patrick's Day Makeup Tutorial!

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner!  Even though you might be past the age of looking for leprechauns and pots of gold at the ends of rainbows (or not!), you can still get in on the fun of this magical holiday!  Whether you are going to a parade or just having a night out with your friends, why not glam it up in honor of old St. Patty’s day?!

Follow these easy steps for a bold and glamorous St. Patrick’s Day Makeup!

The Products:


   Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Skin: Conceal Full Coverage Foundation (My specific shade is Y1).

Cover FX Cream Concealer (My specific shade is G Light).

Pacifica Perfect Lotus Universal Powder in LIGHT

   Etherealle Mineral Contouring Powder in HOLLOW

   Etherealle Mineral Highlighting Powder in STARK

Josie Maran Cosmetics Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee in CORAL OASIS

*Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics products can be purchased online or in-store at Sephora.  Cover FX cosmetics are available online and at Sephora.  Pacifica products can be purchased online, at Target, and Whole Foods.  Etherealle products can be purchased through Etsy.  Josie Maran Cosmetics can be purchased online and at Sephora.


Be Conscious Cosmetics Vegan Eye Shadow Primer

Pacifica Gossamer Wings Iridescent Eye Shadow Palette: I used TREASURE (an iridescent golden bronze shade) as my eyelid base color.

Pacifica Power of Love Eye Shadow Palette: I used the lightest cream shade as my highlight color for both my eyes and above my upper lip.

Medusa’s Make-Up Matte Pigment in #14 (a matte green shade) as my first crease color

Addictive Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow and Eyeliner in URSULA (a deep purplish brown shade) as my second crease color

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Cosmetic Colour Pencil in SYBIL (Dark Brown)— I used this to darken and define my eyebrows.

Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Water-Resistant Long Lash Mineral Mascara in ABYSS (BLACK)

*Be Conscious Cosmetics products can be purchased on Etsy.  Medusa’s Make-up can be purchased online.  Addictive Cosmetics products can be purchased on Etsy.


Addictive Cosmetics 100% All Natural Liner in CLEAR

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Matte in ANITA (a deep brick red shade)

The Make-up:


1. Apply your foundation to your entire face, blending it onto your jawbone and slightly down onto your neck—You may use your hands, a foundation brush, or whatever your favorite foundation application tool is.

2. Set your foundation with a face powder, such as the Pacifica Perfect Lotus Universal Powder.  This will help to eliminate oil, as well as prolong the life of your foundation.  Use a powder brush to lightly apply your powder; avoid applying it too thickly so that you do not give your skin a “cakey” appearance.

3.  Apply concealer as needed after apply your foundation.  Cover FX makes a great full coverage vegan concealer that will cover anything from under-eye circles to acne scars!

4. Set your concealer in the same method as you set your foundation.


1. Apply Be Conscious Cosmetics vegan eye shadow primer to your entire eyelid, crease, and underneath your eyebrows.  I use my fingers to apply this particular primer, but feel free to use a small concealer brush to apply it as well.  Applying a primer prior to applying your eye shadow colors not only makes your eye make-up long-lasting, but it can also help make your eye shadow colors pop!

2.  Apply Pacifica’s TREASURE or your favorite golden bronze shade to your eyelid.  This will be your base color.

3. Apply the light cream shade from the Pacifica Power of Love Palette (Selling exclusively at Target!) or any cream shade underneath your eyebrow and blend it into TREASURE.  This will be your highlight color.

4. Apply Medusa’s Make-up MATTE PIGMENT #14  to your crease and blend it down into TREASURE and upwards into your highlight shade.  Also apply MATTE PIGMENT #14 onto the outer corners of your eyelid, blending inwards into TREASURE, and outwards into a soft, circular shape.  Blend away any harsh edges with your highlight color.

5. Apply Addictive Cosmetics URSULA or your favorite bronze shade onto the outer corners of your eyelid, over MATTE PIGMENT #14, and be sure to blend it into TREASURE and outwards into your highlight shade.  You can use your highlight shade to blend away any harsh edges.  You are trying to achieve a soft, circular shape with your two crease colors.  Also apply URSULA from the outer corner of your eyelid to the middle of your crease.  Blend it inwards towards TREASURE and upwards into your highlight shade.  Utilizing two crease colors adds definition to your eye make-up, while also toning down the intensity of the green eye shadow.

6. Wet an angled eyeliner brush slightly and dip it into URSULA.  Apply URSULA to your upper lashline (this will be your eyeliner shade), slightly winging it out and upwards into your eye make-up.  For this particular look, I chose to blend the end of the eyeliner into my eye shadow, rather than creating an extremely defined cat-eye.  Use the eye shadow brush you originally applied URSULA with to gently blend your eyeliner into your eye shadow–the two should seamlessly blend into each other at the outer corner of your eyelid.  Use your highlight shade to blend away any harsh edges you may have created.

7. Using an angled eyeliner or eye shadow brush, apply TREASURE to the inner corner of your eye and from the inner corner to the middle of your lashline.  This will brighten and accentuate your lovely eyes!

8 . Using another angled eyeliner or eye shadow brush apply MATTE PIGMENT #14  from the outer corner of your eye to the middle of your lower lashline.  Blend MATTE PIGMENT #14 into TREASURE so that there is not a distinct separation between the two shades.  Adding this shading to your lower lashline and outer corner will further accentuate your eyes and provide another pop of green and gold color!

9. Curl your lashes and apply the Pacifica Aquarian Gaze mascara to your upper lashes and gently across your lower lashes.  Let the first coat dry and apply 1-2 more coats, depending on how thick you would like your lashes.

10.  If you have sparse, light eyebrows like I do, you can apply OCC’s SYBIL or another eyeliner pencil shade to darken and define your brows.  Choose a color that is slightly darker than your natural brow color if you have light eyebrows; if you have naturally dark eyebrows, choose a filler shade that matches your natural brow color as closely as possible.  First, apply SYBIL (or your color of choice) to a palette or the back of your hand and then apply to your brows with an angled eyeliner brush—this way you are not just drawing them on.  This will give your brows a more natural, less cartoon-like effect.  Apply the eyebrow color beginning in the middle of your eyebrow to the end of your brow and then use the remaining color to darken the front of your eyebrows.

 Vegan Makeup: St. Patrick's Day Makeup Tutorial!

Contouring & Blush:

1. Apply the Etherealle bronzer color (HOLLOW) to the cheekbones, temples, and your jawbone–blending downwards onto your neck and into your hairline.  I use a fluffy angled brush to apply bronzer and contour my face.

2. Apply the Etherealle highlight color (STARK) to the cheeks, chin, forehead, nose, and underneath your eyes.  Blend the highlight color into the bronzer.  I suggest using a fluffy powder foundation brush to achieve this part of the look.

3. Next, smile and apply the Josie Maran blush color (CORAL OASIS) to your cheeks, blending it out towards your hairline.  I prefer using a kabuki blush brush to apply blush so that my application is even and precise.  This particular blush color is very concentrated, so be sure to build up your color gradually, rather than applying a lot of the product all at once.

4. Blend the blush and bronzer with the highlight color (STARK) using the same fluffy powder foundation brush as before.


1.  Apply the Addictive Cosmetics liner in CLEAR to your lips.  I prefer to fill in my entire lip with lip liner rather than just lining the outer edges of my lips as it is sometimes suggested that you do.  By filling in your entire lip, you provide a base for your lip color to adhere to, which means your liner will now do more than just prevent your lips from feathering!

3. After you finish applying your lip liner, apply one coat of the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Matte in ANITA to your lips.  Lip Tars can be a bit tricky to apply, so be sure to use a lip brush (they come with a small one when you purchase them!) to apply the color.  Apply two coats of ANITA, being sure to allow the first coat to dry before applying the second.  I recommend waiting at least a minute in-between coats to allow for the best application

4.  To further define and highlight your lips, apply the same highlight shade you used for your eye make-up above your upper lip.  You can use an eye shadow brush or your fingertip to do so.  Applying a highlight to your cupid’s bow adds the illusion of fullness to your lips!

What’s your favorite way to add a little St. Patrick’s Day flair to your look?

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Photo: Becky Curl

Becky Curl is a freelance wig and make-up artisan based in Chicago and a recent graduate of The Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University in St. Louis. When she’s not working in the theatre, Becky enjoys exploring new vegan and eco-friendly beauty products and watching copious amounts of Saturday Night Live. Check out her portfolio here and follow her on Instagram @becky_curl and Pinterest @beckycurl!


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