These Beautifully Scented Vegan Lip Balms Guarantee A Soft & Kissable Pout

February 16, 2018

The cold winter months can be grueling on your lips, leaving them chapped, cracked, and in desperate need of some TLC. Fortunately, we’ve got some of the best vegan lip balms for soft, smooth, hydrated lips!

Best Vegan Lip Balms To Help Your Chapped Lips Survive The Winter

Similar to lipsticks and other cosmetic products, many lip balms contain beeswax and other animal-derived ingredients, such as lanolin — a wax secreted by the oil glands of sheep (ugh!). Thankfully, for those on the hunt for a cruelty-free lip balm, there are many brands that use plant-based alternatives to these yucky ingredients. In lieu of beeswax, many brands opt for vegan substitutes like candelilla wax or carnauba wax, which give the balms texture and a shiny, glossy finish. Plant-based waxes are also great for conditioning and soothing the skin; candelilla wax is rich in fatty acids, nutrients, and has anti-inflammatory properties, while carnauba wax is hypoallergenic and helps your lips better retain moisture.

If you’re looking for brands that have chosen to forego animal-derived ingredients, here are six of the best vegan lip balms for soft, kissable lips!

6 Top Brands to Shop for Vegan Lip Balms

1. Pacifica

With a plethora of 100% vegan and cruelty-free products, Pacifica is an absolute must this winter season if you’re seeking hydrated and crack-free lips. Last fall, Pacifica released seven brand new lip balm flavors (Rainbow Watermelon, Indian Chai, Bali Coconut, Hawaiian Banana, Persian Cherry, Cuban Mango, and Summer Kale), so your options are endless! All Pacifica products are also all-natural, so you can rest easy knowing your lips won’t be coming into contact with any nasty chemicals like parabens, phthalates, or petroleum. Try their warm and spicy Indian Chai lip balm made with coconut, jojoba, and almond oils for long-lasting moisture.

Best Vegan Lip Balms To Help Your Chapped Lips Survive The Winter

Indian Chai Natural Lip Balm, $5.00

2. SheaMoisture

SheaMoisture’s lip balms are 100% vegan and they don’t contain any harmful chemicals! With flavors like African Water Mint & Ginger, Coconut & Hibiscus, Fruit Fusions Coconut, and Superfruit Multi-Vitamin — all of which are made with certified organic Shea butter — you’re sure to find a flavor you love that will soothe and condition your painful, chapped lips. SheaMoisture’s Coconut & Hibiscus Shea Butter Lip Balm is made with extra virgin coconut oil, which is abundant in vitamin E and K, fatty acids, and iron, and hibiscus flower — a natural emollient known for healing cracked, dry lips.

Best Vegan Lip Balms To Help Your Chapped Lips Survive The Winter

Coconut & Hibiscus Shea Butter Lip Balm , $3.99


With a wide variety of flavors ranging from unscented to black cherry (and even flavors like earl grey and chocolate!) — Hurraw! has *the* perfect lip balm for every occasion. Hurraw! is all-organic, vegan, and made with all-natural, raw ingredients. Hurraw! lip balms are also packed full of nourishing, antioxidant-rich ingredients to moisturize your lips and protect them from damage. Perfect for treating your lips overnight, their moon lip balm’s (made with blue chamomile, avocado oil, and vanilla) Peru Balsam scent will help lull you to bed and will revive and replenish your lips while you sleep.

Best Vegan Lip Balms To Help Your Chapped Lips Survive The Winter

Moon Lip Balm, $4.29

4. The Merry Hempsters

One of the best brands for herbal lip therapy, The Merry Hempsters uses a combination of hemp seed oil, rosemary extract, and vitamin E to help treat dry, cracked lips. And don’t worry, the hemp seed oil is derived from the non-psychoactive variety of the Cannabis sativa plant, so you won’t get high. If you can’t seem to decide on one of their flavors (the options are: peppermint, spearmint, orange, lemon lime, cinnamon, vanilla, or unscented), why not get them all?! Their seven flavor variety pack includes one of each flavor — all for a reasonable price!

Best Vegan Lip Balms To Help Your Chapped Lips Survive The Winter

7 Flavor Single Tube Variety Pack, $14.00

5. Eco Lips

Not only does Eco Lips have a terrific line of all-vegan lip balms, they’re also big on sustainability! Eco Lips is a certified B Corporation, they manufacture their products using 100% renewable energy, and they make their recyclable lip balm containers using 30 percent less plastic than the average lip balm tube — what’s not to love?! Their vegan lip balms come in flavors of Superfruit, Lemon-Lime, Sweet Mint, and Unscented, and they’re all non-GMO and Fair Trade Certified. Heal your flaky lips with their Bee Free® Vegan Superfruit Lip Balm, made with such ingredients as organic cocoa butter, candelilla wax, coconut oil, and rosemary leaf extract.

Best Vegan Lip Balms To Help Your Chapped Lips Survive The Winter

Bee Free® Vegan Superfruit Lip Balm, $3.49

6. LUSH Cosmetics

Although it’s now only available for purchase on their UK site, LUSH’s None of Your Beeswax lip balm is perfect for moisturizing your lips on a cold, windy day. With ingredients like ultra-moisturizing Murumuru butter, vanilla, and fresh lemon, this lip balm is sure to leave your lips feeling — and smelling! — their best. And if you’re looking for something to purchase at your neighborhood LUSH store, LUSH has two other lip balms, Rose Lollipop and Key Lime Pie, available for $10.95 (you can also buy them directly on their site).

Best Vegan Lip Balms To Help Your Chapped Lips Survive The Winter

None of Your Beeswax, £6.95.

What’s your favorite vegan lip balm?

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