We’re So Enamored With The Vegan Goodies In This Year’s Oscars Gift Bags

March 2, 2018

One of Hollywood’s most anticipated nights is set for this weekend as top A-listers gather for the biggest awards ceremony of the year. This Sunday marks the 90th Annual Academy Awards, and while we don’t yet know who will take home the trophy for Best Picture (fingers crossed there will be no mix-ups this year!), we do know what goodies the nominees will walk away with in this year’s “Everyone Wins” Oscar nominees gift bag.

Each year, Los Angeles-based marketing company, Distinctive Assets, assembles a *very* extravagant gift bag for Oscar nominees in the directing and acting categories. This year’s goodie bag is valued at over $100,000 and includes everything from gourmet chocolates to conflict-free diamonds, and even a free trip to Hawaii…and Tanzania…oh, and Greece. (!!!) Although the gift bags aren’t sanctioned by the Academy Awards, they are still incredibly popular and are a good way for unknown brands to get their name out.

Nestled amongst the lavish vacations and the dazzling jewels, this year’s Oscar nominees will also be gifted several vegan items! From color-changing lipsticks to sweet-smelling candles, here are some vegan products you may have never heard of that will be featured in the “Everyone Wins” goodie bag this year.

Blush & Whimsy

Vegan, cruelty-free goodies for Oscar nominees

The color-changing Belle Blush lipstick from New Mexico startup Blush & Whimsy will soon be gracing the lips of some of Hollywood’s biggest A-list celebs. This isn’t the first time Blush & Whimsy has graced the lips of stars, as the startup’s Bliss Blush lipstick was featured at the Grammy Awards earlier this year. The innovative line of lipsticks are entirely cruelty-free, and their super-soft formula changes color based on the pH and temperature of an individual’s skin for a beautiful shade that is unique to the wearer! Each semi-matte lipstick contains a small, dried chrysanthemum and is made with such ingredients as botanical extracts, lavender oil, and cocoa butter. Through their partnership with Adelante Development Center, every purchase made helps to employ New Mexicans who are elderly, and those who have disabilities, ALS, or Down Syndrome. At the moment, Blush & Whimsy lipsticks (which are completely affordable at only $22.00 each!) can only be purchased on their website.


Vegan, cruelty-free goodies for Oscar nominees

After a long and eventful day at the Academy Awards and subsequent after-parties, Oscar nominees can wash away their makeup with PĀIVÄ Activated Charcoal & Botanical Fusion Integrated Mask & Cleanser. The luxury vegan skincare brand’s cleanser is one of the more expensive on this list (going for $78.00!) and is made with all-natural ingredients like organic orange peel oil, activated charcoal, green tea, and organic aloe vera. The two-in-one mask and cleanser helps to stimulate collagen production, boost circulation, and can even help lower inflammation. The gentle, activated charcoal formula also works to unclog your pores to help prevent future breakouts for radiant, glowing skin!

Charleston & Harlow

Vegan, cruelty-free goodies for Oscar nominees

This luxury candle company was inspired by co-owners Andrea and Jeff’s wanderlust adventures on a tiny Croatian Island in the Adriatic Sea (as well as by their two adorable French Bulldogs, Charleston and Harlow!). With the smell of the ocean in the air and the intoxicating aromas of Mediterranean flowers, fruit trees, and herb bushes in the wind — the idea for these deliciously smelling, soy wax candles was born! And with scents like fresh-sawn cedar, warm vanilla sugar, and patchouli, it’s safe to say the Hollywood elite will enjoy all the fragrances that Charleston & Harlow has to offer! Consciously crafted by hand in their studio in Manitoba, Canada, the owners also work to reduce their company’s ecological footprint by including an eco-fabric wick in their candles and by encouraging their customers to repurpose their candle jars (if you need any inspiration, here are a few cute ideas!). Charleston & Harlow candles are also relatively inexpensive, with prices ranging between $8.00 and $38.00.

Delicacies Candy & Confections

Vegan, cruelty-free goodies for Oscar nominees

Even if they don’t take home an award, Oscar nominees will still get to walk away with a little something sweet! Delicacies Candy & Confection’s vegan lollipops are hand-crafted by a mother-and-daughter duo and are made using only all-organic ingredients. With flavors like green tea, agave, champagne, and classics like traditional cherry — these tasty, little treats are perfect for giving away as a gift or as a guilt-free treat to yourself!


Which of these Oscar goodie bag items on this list strikes your fancy?

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