Vegan Ginger & Green Tea Banana Ice Cream

June 18, 2014
Vegan Ginger & Green Tea Banana Ice Cream

Sweet and refreshing Vegan Ginger & Green Tea Banana Ice Cream.

In case you’ve forgotten, allow me to remind you: bananas are magical. They taste delicious on their own, add sweetness and thickness to any smoothie, and are responsible for the wonder that is banana bread.

As many a vegan has discovered, bananas also make some of the best, non-dairy frozen desserts.  By blending frozen bananas, you can make ice cream. Yes, you can make ice cream out of bananas. Some clever kids call it, “’Nana Nice Cream.”  Others among us are just grateful that banana ice cream is so affordable because we might just eat it every night.

Although bananas have their own natural sugars, they’re a complex carb. Banana ice cream needs no added sugar, making this a healthier option than, say, Ben & Jerry’s. In fact, bananas boast an array of health benefits, making them perfect for an indulgent-but-not-guilty treat.

Vegan Ginger & Green Tea Banana Ice Cream

Vegan Ginger & Green Tea Banana Ice Cream


(Serves one. Sharing not recommended ;))

1 frozen banana  (to freeze, peel banana, break in half, and store pieces in a freezer-safe container).

¼  cup strong-brewed cold green tea

½ cup unsweetened non-dairy milk (coconut and almond milk both work great)*

¼” piece of ginger, peeled

pinch of sea salt

Stevia to taste (I normally don’t add stevia, but it’s certainly an option for you.)

Sprinkles of almond slivers

Sprinkles of chocolate chips or cocoa nibs

*You can adjust the ratio of tea to milk if you prefer a stronger taste of green tea.


In a high-speed blender, blend banana, milk, green tea, ginger, and salt until ingredients are smoothly whipped. Ice cream should have the texture of soft-serve ice cream.  Add stevia to taste. You can add toppings and enjoy it as so, or stir in toppings and freeze for 1 hour for a more frozen consistency.

Vegan Ginger & Green Tea Banana Ice Cream


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Photos: Mary Hood


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