Vegan Cauliflower Pizza

September 10, 2014

Vegan Cauliflower Pizza | Peaceful Dumpling

I seem to say this all too often but cauliflower really is one of my favorite veggies, ever. (So in no particular order because I don’t want to hurt their feelings: broccoli, eggplant, artichoke, cauliflower, green peas, mushrooms, fennel, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and avocado belong in this group. If I go to a restaurant and see anything with one of these, that’s what I’ll choose 99% of the time).

I love cauliflower in a curry. Roasted with olive oil, salt, pepper, and whatever spices I feel like. In a pasta dish. Steamed and mashed with a bit of roasted garlic. Then there is this vegan cauliflower pizza topped with homemade cashew cheese, tomato sauce, and lovely confetti of colorful veggies. And the taste? Oh, my god. It’s unbelievable. After the photo shoot was over I found myself standing over it like Wile E. Coyote. I picked at a corner…then a little more…and then I covered the whole thing with a large wok so I don’t eat it all before dinner time.

Even if you love “pizza” pizza, do try this at least once. It has all the flavors of pizza without any guilt, and it’s so much fun to make and eat.

Vegan Cauliflower Pizza | Peaceful Dumpling

Vegan Cauliflower Pizza 

serves 2

About 1/2 large head cauliflower, pulsed until “riced” (about 4.5 cups pulsed)

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

2 tbsp nutritional yeast, plus more for sprinkling

salt to taste

1/4 tsp dried oregano

about 1/2 cup cashew cheese (see below)

3/4 cup marinara sauce

1/2 medium carrot, shredded

1 ear fresh corn

about 5-6 leaves basil, chiffonaded

1. Take the pulsed cauliflower about 3/4 cup at a time and wrap in cheesecloth. Wring the cloth to get the water out and set aside in a large bowl. Repeat with the remaining cauliflower.

2. Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a baking tray with parchment paper.

3. Add olive oil, nutritional yeast, salt, and oregano to the cauliflower and combine well.

4. Spread the cauliflower mixture onto the baking tray and bake for 30 minutes until golden and crispy on the edges.

5. Take out the crust and top with marinara sauce, followed by cashew cheese, carrots, and corn. Bake another 5 minutes.

6. Take out and top with more nutritional yeast and basil. Serve immediately.

To make cashew cheese: soak 2.5 cups raw cashews in water for at least 7 hours. Use a high speed blender or food processor and process with 2 tsp white miso, 2 tbsp red wine vinegar, pinch of raw sugar or another natural sweetener, and salt to taste.

Vegan Cauliflower Pizza | Peaceful Dumpling

Vegan Cauliflower Pizza | Peaceful Dumpling

 So guys, I have to ask you this: what are your top 10 veggies?? Do you love cauliflower? And what’s your favorite way to eat it? 

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