We’ve Got A Cute Vegan Backpack For Every Style & Need—Come See!

February 6, 2018

We’re still early in the year, which means it’s not too late to take up a new course, career or hobby in 2018. Doing so, however, requires the proper preparation. It’s important to greet any new venture with the supplies you need–and a way to carry them.

Whether you are toting around school or art supplies, a laptop or tablet, gym clothes or everyday personal belongings, the right transport tool is important. Personally, I’m a huge fan of backpacks, as they are quite fashionable at the moment and functional always.

Cutest Vegan Backpacks to Carry Your Most Precious Goods

Who wants to strain one shoulder when you can use both? Who has time to navigate a bike when one side of your body is weighing you down? Backpacks are the solutions to these problems and more. And, luckily for backpack enthusiasts, there are loads of vegan-friendly backpacks on the market right now to suit all styles and price ranges.

These backpacks all differ slightly in size, style, and ideal use, but what they all have in common is that they are made free of animal products and derivatives, and they will catch the eye of anyone you walk past.

Best Vegan Backpacks for Every Need

No matter what hue you are after, there is sure to be something you’ll enjoy in this collection. The following are categorized by price from low to high, but I recommend you check each brands’ sites for updates on their latest prices, availability, and sale information.

The Perfect Vegan Backpack for Your Tablet


Carter Mini Backpack by M.R.K.T – Originally $130; Currently on sale for $59

Top Features: Removable tablet sleeve, made of waterproof tarpaulin

Best Minimalist Vegan Backpack


Kim Convertible Backpack by Pixie Mood – $87

Top Features: Converts into cross-body bag

Vegan Backpack Made of the Most Interesting Material


Madison Backpack by Alchemy Goods – Originally $130; Currently on sale for $104

Top Features: Made in the USA from recycled bicycle tubes, 13″ laptop sleeve

Most Functional Vegan Backpack

Cutest Vegan Backpacks to Carry Your Most Precious Goods

Doshi Pro Sport by Doshi – $169

Top Features: Lots of pockets, laptop sleeve, ventilated back

Vegan Backpack with Most Creative Design


Lena Big Backpack by Medusa – $199

Top Features: Handmade, laptop sleeve

Cutest Casual Vegan Backpack

Cutest Vegan Backpacks to Carry Your Most Precious Goods

Drawstring Backpack by Distyled – €220.00 (Roughly $270)

Top Features: Magnet closure, adjustable strings

Cutest Vegan Backpack for Running Errands

Cutest Vegan Backpacks to Carry Your Most Precious Goods

R123 WOOLF Backpack by Freitag – CHF296 (Roughly $315)

Top Features: Expandable, biodegradable, detachable strap

We cannot reference these bags without recognizing the fact that they are all quite pricey. While eco-conscious and vegan, they also fall within a certain price range that not everyone can afford. In an ideal world, everyone would be able to access environmentally friendly products at lower prices, but at this moment that’s simply not the case.

One thing to keep in mind is that these bags are supporting positive companies and are made of materials that will (hopefully) hold up for years of use. That being said, cheaper options include hitting up your local secondhand shops and scouring these sites for sales and deals.

Onyalife also offers casual backpacks around the $25 range that are made from recycled plastic bottles! How cool is that?

Cutest Vegan Backpacks to Carry Your Most Precious Goods

If you do have the extra funds to devote to a new vegan backpack, we highly reccomend it’s one of these hot options.

Which one of these bags caught your eye the most? Let us know your favorite!

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