Tulum's Mouthwatering Mexican Fare Is Not To Be Missed--6 Vegan Spots To Try

May 9, 2017

Name two things that Brooklyn and Tulum, Mexico have in common? I say, funky tattoos and unique vegan restaurants.

Several staples in Mexican cuisine are naturally vegan-friendly. Think of maize, rice, beans, tortillas, fresh salsa, guacamole, seasonal veggies, and the most delicious juicy fruit. All these foods can be found in abundance in the Mexican cuisine. As a vegan, you just need to be aware that sometimes beans can be prepared in animal fat and that cheese or sour cream is easily added to certain dishes.

Now Tulum, a city just 90 minutes south of Cancun, is not just offering you some options to survive as a vegan. As a foodie hot spot, it has carved itself a spot on the culinary innovation horizon, and its reputation is not made up. Between an abundance of fresh fruit and coconuts stands, Tulum also has a number of excellent vegan restaurants. The following are a few I recently enjoyed!

1. CoConAmorr

Delicious Vegan Food in Tulum, Mexico

CoConAmorr has two locations near Tulum playa. One location is just a small health store, but the other one has a restaurant with a huge outdoor space. The menu is vast and composed of a mix of Mexican as well as “American” options for breakfast, lunc, and dinner. The service is delightful and so is the home made kombucha. Other musts are the enchiladas, the yin-and-yang hummus (beet + chickpea), as well as the beet burger. For dessert, I recommend the black bean brownies and the turmeric coconut bliss balls.

2. Restaurare

Delicious Vegan Food in Tulum, Mexico Delicious Vegan Food in Tulum, MexicoIf you are looking for a more high-end dining experience, Restaurare is the place to go. The restaurant is built into the jungle and offers refined Mexican dishes with a special touch. The ingredients are super fresh and the flavors exotic. We fell in love with the soy tacos and the mole dish. The mushroom ceviche is divine as well, and you shouldn’t leave before trying the banana bread with homemade dulce the leche.

3. Raw Love

Delicious Vegan Food in Tulum, Mexico
If you are looking for a breakfast spot or a light meal/snack, Raw Love is the perfect place to hang out and enjoy a delicious smoothie bowl (the maca milkshake is amazing!), raw pad Thai, or a piece of raw pizza. The juice and elixir menu is definitely worth it checking out and so are the raw dessert pies. Located right by the beach, this place is perfect for a lazy hammock afternoon.

4. Hoja Verde

Delicious Vegan Food in Tulum, Mexico
This nice little vegetarian and vegan restaurant is located right in Tulum Puebla. The menu has solid international options, and you can also get fresh salads as well as smoothies and juices.

5. Batey

Delicious Vegan Food in Tulum, Mexico
This mojito bar is an institution in Tulum and serves excellent guacamole as well as vegan flatbread (you have to ask for it!). More than the food, the cocktails and the phenomenal live music are an absolute must and a great late night activity.

6. Pool

Delicious Vegan Food in Tulum, Mexico

If you are looking to cook yourself, definitely stop by Pool, the local fruit and veggie market, where you can find tons of fresh ingredients for your own taco party. Oh and don’t forget to pick up some fresh tortillas at any tortilleria in town–get them hot out of the oven and you won’t be able to resist eating them right then and there.

Have you sampled the amazing Mexican fare in Tulum?

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Photo: Isabelle Steichen, La Hoja Verde, Batey

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