Touchable Skin: DIY Banana Clay Face Mask

April 4, 2014


This past week, my fiancé and I travelled along the coast and then moved apartments.  Although these were both happy occasions, they left me feeling exhausted and my skin less than glowing.  With my face both dry and broken-out, I knew some simple, DIY pampering was in order.  I made this three-ingredient mask to soothe, moisturize, and cleanse my skin.

Banana Clay Face Mask (makes enough for you and a friend)

1 tsp. bentonite clay (available at most health food stores)

1 small, ripe banana, whisked and as lump-free as possible

1 ½ tsp. organic olive oil (or organic oil of your choice)

Combine all ingredients.  Apply to face and wait at least twenty minutes; you’ll feel the clay begin to harden.  Wash off with warm water and use a washcloth to gently exfoliate.

 DIY Banana Clay Facial Mask

A note about the ingredients:

Evan Healy, holistic aesthetician and founder of the EvanHealy skin care products, sings the praises of bentonite clay: “I think clay is the unsung hero for acne: clay is a living mineral, it’s one of the oldest healing materials on earth, and it’s present everywhere.”  Rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, and silicone, it’s no wonder that clay is a popular mask ingredient.  Additionally, it draws out dirt and other skin impurities (think blackheads). Healy explains that it performs like alphahydroxy acid without damaging the epidermis.  For this recipe, I used Redmond Clay (one 10 ounce jar is $10.87).

As if we needed another reason to love bananas, applied topically this beloved fruit moisturizes and softens skin.  Bananas also contain vitamin C, which help repair damage from stress and environmental elements.  Moreover, it works synergistically with vitamin E, which brings us to…

Olive oil, which is an amazing source of vitamin E and other skin-loving antioxidants. Coconut oil would make a great substitution or addition here.  Easily absorbed by the skin, it also has antiseptic properties, which help keep skin free from infections.

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Photos: Mary Hood

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