Top 5 Vegan Wines For The Holidays

December 1, 2015

After a libation-filled Thanksgiving, it occurred to me that while I’ve talked extensively about wine production using animal products on PD, I haven’t offered readers a definitive resource on ethical, vegan wines. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to find animal-friendly alcoholic beverages–check out Barnivore to see a full list of vegan-friendly beers, liquors, and wines–without having to visit a specialty shop or empty your wallet. Even better is the fact that, because so many conventional wines are “accidentally vegan,” no one at your party will know (or care) that you’re serving up a cruelty-free selection 🙂

Below I’ve compiled my top picks for the winter season. Let the holiday imbibing commence!

1. The Vegan Vine


Cabernet Sauvignon, $18

A family-owned operation located in San Martin, California, Vegan Vine prides itself in sustainable winegrowing and animal-free filtration processes. Besides their upstanding business practices, the company also happens to make fantastic wine. Vegan Vine currently offers two bottles: a 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon and a 2013 Chardonnay.

While this wine might not be as ubiquitous as the others, I have had luck locating it in small wine shops around the Boston area. If your local liquor store currently doesn’t sell it, suggest that they add it to their stock.

2. Yellowtail


No matter how much of a wine novice you are, you’ve likely heard or seen the Yellowtail brand. While it might not be the most sophisticated wine around, it does the trick in a pinch–and it’s easy to locate. Note, however, that only the  company’s red wines have been confirmed vegan.

3. Our Daily Red


Not only is this brand incredibly affordable, but all of their wines are organic and free of preservatives. Plus, isn’t the packaging adorable?! (Anyone who says they don’t base their wine purchases on aesthetics is lying to you.) I’m partial to Our Daily Red’s Syrah varietal, but they are all so satisfying that it’s truly hard to choose.

4. Frey Vineyards


Organic Natural Rose, $9

Frey Vineyards is committed to crafting 100% vegan and gluten-free organic wines. In fact, the vineyard was America’s first organic and biodynamic winery–90% of the land is still in it’s unadulterated state, making it a diverse habitat for native plants and animals. With an equally extensive wine selection, I can see these making a beautiful statement on a holiday table.

5. Bonny Doon Vineyard


2014 Albariño, $18

The Bonny Doon company is completely vegan-friendly, and offers slight upscale wines for special occasions, If you’re hosting family over the holidays, this brand has a vast assortment of offerings–from subtle to robust and everything in between.

What is your favorite vegan wine?

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Photos by: The Vegan Vine, Dr’s Orders, Our Daily RedFrey Vineyards, Bonny Doon Vineyard

Contributing Editor Molly Lansdowne lives in Boston, Massachusetts. In her free time, she enjoys writing, practicing yoga, and traveling around New England. Follow Molly on Pinterest @bostonvegan and Instagram @molly_lansdowne.


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