How Top Vegan Athletes Are Staying Fit During The Quarantine

April 8, 2020

top vegan athletesI used to go to the gym multiple times a week. Even if I couldn’t fit in a proper workout, I always went for very long walks to get my steps in. With isolation being enforced vigorously in order to flatten the curve and to keep us all safe, my movement has severely decreased. The only walks I do these days are from my bedroom to the fridge and to the couch. 😉

I try to do some form of home exercise everyday though. Some yoga, stretching, and full-body exercises to keep my mind occupied and get some movement in. Of course, there is no need in doing it if you don’t feel like it. We are in an unprecedented situation and working out might not be your top priority which is totally fine. Personally, I just like to do a little bit as I am generally a very active person. If you are like me the following ideas from some of our favorite vegan athletes on how to stay fit during quarantine might be of use.

Quarantine exercise ideas from vegan athletes

Nimai Delgado, a vegan bodybuilder posts some great isolation workouts almost every day. Try his 10-minute mobility flow videos to start the day and specific exercises for different body parts using resistance bands or your own body weight. If you have a skateboard, follow along to his skateboard core exercises such as roll-outs, roll-ins, narrow plank, and plank rockers. At one point he also used his girlfriend Bianca for weight training. So, if you live with your partner and are able to pick them up to do some curls go right ahead. 😉 Check out his Instagram to get some more ideas.

On her Instagram Stories Bianca Taylor, personal trainer and former bikini bodybuilder, also offers some great ideas for home workouts. She practices yoga and meditation to stay mentally healthy, which might be more important than physical health right now. Bianca often does her stretching during online meetings. That’s a smart way of getting exercise while completing other work and completing many things during the day. On her channel, she also offers awesome dance and twerk workouts to move your entire body at once.


If you are into planking you can do one of Dana Glowacka’s plank challenges. You might know her as the Guinness World Record Holder for the female longest abdominal plank with a time of 4 hours, 19 minutes, 55 seconds. If that’s not a great home workout, I don’t know what is.

Or join Jahina Malik, the first-ever vegan since birth to be awarded an IFBB Pro card, in one of her home dance sessions.

Patrik Baboumian, strongman, one of the featured athletes in The Game Changers documentary, and “vegan badass,” brings you some nice exercises from his garden. Grab reusable shopping bags and fill them up with anything heavy. Use books you want to read or wine bottles you are going to drink after the workout. 😉 Now you can easily do some nice reps of  different exercises without having to go to the gym. You can find his video on his Youtube channel.


These are just a few examples of vegan athletes staying fit during the quarantine. There are many more options out there that might inspire you. If you are not a fitness enthusiast you might still want to check their channels out. They also offer some other great ideas such as recipes to try, or art inspiration to get through isolation.

Whether you decide to try a home workout or not, I hope you all stay safe and happy. We are all in this together and we will get through this soon. Sending you lots of love!


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Photo: Respective athletes via Instagram

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