Top Podcasts To Keep You Up To Date On Everything Happening Around The World

December 30, 2021

If you read my other articles, you know I am a huge podcast fan. From vegan podcasts to podcasts on inspiring podcasts surround different topics such as minimalism, female empowerment and Queerness, I listen to podcasts every day.

I did an article on vegan/minimalist podcasts last year and thought it might be nice to have a list of good and quick podcasts that give you a rundown of the news, human rights issues, and important events. If you usually don’t have time to watch the news or read about them you can listen to them through these podcasts. Some are funny, some are serious and they have a variety of topics.

1. What a Day

This podcast is very good if you don’t have much time during the day but still want to keep up on some of the most important issues happening worldwide. With short 15 minutes long episodes every day from Monday to Friday “What a Day” keeps you in the loop about all the important stories and biggest news that have happened that day.

What a day podcast

2. Pod Save the World

Every Wednesday the two hosts, Tommy Vietor (co-host of Pod Save America) and former deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, discuss everything that has happened in foreign policy and all the latest developments around the world on Pod Save the World. They also have interviews with people who were present at any of these events. For this podcast you will need a little bit of time as episodes can be around 1.5 hours long.

Pod Save the World Podcast

3. The Frontline

This is the podcast by ILGA-Europe and it deals with LGBTQ+ activism and lives across Europe and Central Asia. If you are interested in what is happening for the Queer community, challenges, wins and losses and more, The Frontline is the podcast for you. It talks both about personal stories and general topics that affect the LGBTQ+ community across these regions.

The Frontline podcast

4. UN News

If you only have 5 minutes to spare but still want to know what is going on around the world the UN podcast might be a good choice for you. With their daily news in brief they offer you a short roundup of the most important issues in just 3 to 4 minutes. Sometimes they will also publish a longer episode of around 15 minutes dealing with a specific topic.

UN News

5. Peace: We Build It

The Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) is a network of more than 130 organizations dedicated to ending violent conflict and building peace. They also have a pretty new podcast where they talk about opportunities and initiatives to work towards peace and solve global challenges. You’ll learn a lot about conflicts in the world and the thought leaders and peacebuilders that are trying to solve these conflicts in a non-violent manner.

Peace we build it podcast

7. The classic news podcasts

Most news outlets also have a podcast nowadays. As I currently don’t have a TV, this is a great way for me to listen to the news no matter where I am or what time it is. A few of my favorites here are the Global News Podcast by the BBC as well as Amanpour or Anderson Cooper 360 from CNN.

Global News Podcast

Of course there are many more great news podcasts and I am sure there is one for everyone. Let me know what your favorites are, I am always on the lookout for more great content. 🙂

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Photo: Crooked Media, United Nations, ILGA Europe, Alliance for Peacebuilding, BBC Podcasts

Rebecca Willems
A self-described queer vegan feminist, Rebecca is also trying to live a more zero-waste and minimalist life. During her undergraduate and graduate studies she put a lot of focus on sustainability, LGBTQ+ rights and gender issues across the globe. Having lived on 5 continents in many different cultures and being an avid traveler, she loves to learn about new cultures, learn languages, and try all the amazing vegan food across the world.


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