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Top 5 Must Have Fitness Apps


running woman iphone appTechnology can hold us back from staying active and getting fit–or used properly, it can help motivate and guide us to a healthier lifestyle. Having trouble getting off the couch to get that much needed workout in? Or maybe you are a fitness junkie in need of new routines and a bit of friendly competition. We picked 5 mobile fitness apps that you should check out.

For the Social Butterfly:
Fitocracy (free)

Fitocracy is a social network focused solely on fitness. Here users can track or connect with hundreds of thousands of fitness coaches, nutritionists, and other fitness related professionals. New users start at level one and earn points, badges, and level-ups for performing activities. You can share your workouts with the community and obtain “props” from members for your hard work. One of my favorite features of Fitocracy is the ability to easily find and save other users’ daily workouts for future use. If you want to take it one step further, you can create competitions against your friends or, better yet, you can upgrade your account to become a Hero and then challenge anyone to a good ol’ fashioned duel and become a real badass.

For Weight Loss:
MyFitnessPal (free)

MyFitnessPal  is a free calorie counter allowing you to keep a diary of your daily calorie intake. Most people tend to eat whatever they want throughout the day without thinking about the repercussions. Well this app is intended to give you a good scare and will make you think twice about ordering that side of french fries with your veggie burger. MyFitnessPal has a robust database covering over 3.4 million food items. Users can also connect with members to get tips and motivation. Don’t cheat and “forget” to add that chocolate cake that you had after dinner the other night or the app won’t do you any good.

For the Runner:
RunKeeper (free)

If you are an avid outdoor runner then this app is a must. RunKeeper keeps track of your route, pace, distance, and time. Users can set goals and objectives and monitor them over time. One nice feature includes the ability to get progress and coaching through your headphones.

For the Yogi:
Pocket Yoga ($2.99)

Pocket Yoga is the ultimate app for those yoga junkies out there. This app features 27 different sessions, detailed voice and visual instruction guides for each pose including inhalation and exhalation, and over 150 pose images with correct posture and positioning. Pocket Yoga allows you to track your progress and reach your goals all in the comfort of your own home. Tip: If you have an iPhone and an Apple TV, you can connect the app to your TV using airplay and get the full experience.

For the Nerds:
Zombies Run! 2 ($3.99)

Sorry, but I had to add this one since I am still preparing for the post-apocalyptic zombie uprising. If you like video games and want to bridge the gap between fitness and gaming then you should check out Zombies Run! 2. The premise – there has been a zombie apocalypse and hundreds of lives are counting on you to run around and collect supplies in order to rebuild the ruins of civilization. Oh yeah, and while you are running to collect these much needed supplies to save humanity, you have zombies chasing you. Make sure to keep your headphones on to get the full interactive experience.

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