How to Throw a Fitness Party!

March 12, 2014

How to throw a diy fitness party

Fitness parties are a new craze! What an amazing concept: fun, fitness, healthy food and good times with friends-all at one time…..definitely the fixins’ for any great party. Okay, so you want to throw a fitness party, but have no idea where to start. First things first, let’s find out what a fitness party is and why it’s become amazingly popular.Fitness parties are not necessarily your traditional party. More than likely, you won’t see that red velvet cake with creamy frosting and candles, 7-layer nachos or vegan pizza at this type of venue. These popular party treats will typically be replaced with healthier and calorie-conscious  food options. Additionally, you might see some exercising and a little–or a lot of–sweat. One of the best aspects of planning this type of party is the opportunity you’ll have to be as creative, imaginative and flexible as you like.


LET’S GET TO PLANNING! Where would you have your party? If you have a large living room, backyard deck or a swimming pool, or even live near a workout-friendly park or beach, you’re all set! But if that’s not an option. Ask your gym or fitness studio if they accommodate parties, or if you really want to go all out, rent a room at a hotel or spa retreat.

Here are some location Ideas:Your Home
A Friend’s Place
Fitness Studio
Skating Rink
Pool (water aerobics class)


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What would your theme be? A health or exercise related theme would be most ideal for a fitness party. You could go with something calm and relaxed like a yoga party or something energy-packed and exciting like a Zumba or Pilates party. Sky’s the limit, it’s your party! You might explore the option of an instructor or personal trainer from your favorite gym, conducting a quick class with music selection of your choice. Remember that the theme should set the tone, scheme and decor for your special occasion. For instance, if you’re going with a  yoga theme you might send out invitations on novelty paper rolled up like a yoga rolled up like a mini yoga mat and decorate with a Feng Shui appeal. Or you can go the paperless route with,,, or e-vite ( these are only a few of the many online invitation sites) to customize your fitness themed party invite.


Theme ideas:

Mini Boot Camp
Step Class
Roller Skating
Personal Training Session


Yoga theme, pictured


Great, you’ve successfully narrowed down your to decide what you will serve your guest to eat. The menu selection will inevitably depend on your preferences, as well as deciding how you want to present it. The wonderful thing is there are so many options. You might be thinking about having a healthy drink bar that might include a variety of smoothies and yummy juice blends. You could even opt for green tea or cucumber water with a light appetizer. A veggie spring roll or a mixed green salad might be perfect options for yoga themed party. Keep in mind, once you select your theme, a plethora of healthy food options are just a “google” away. You can always search online for great recipes or healthy food options that may be consistent with your selected theme. Take a peek at some of the fun party serving ideas we discovered. They can be adapted to your favorite healthy beverages and food selections.

Food Ideas:
Fruit and nut bars (Like Happy Strawberry

Banana Raw Vegan Bars, right)
Nutritious Finger Food Appetizers or Taco Bar
Salad Cups

Veggie Bar with healthy hummus, baba ghanoush, etc

Raw Vegan Banana Strawberry Happy Bars , vegan dessert recipe


What about party favors? I absolutely love this part of planning and attending parties. It’s so nice sending goodies home with my guests–a nice gesture to show my appreciation for their time and consideration. Some favor ideas: pedometors, which range from affordable to expensive depending on the features. If you’re crafty, you might opt tor make DIY favors like customized candles, soaps, or homemade granola bars with your own personalized labels. Go for simple and sweet–this is a fitness party, not the Oscars, people!

Party favor ideas:

Water Bottles
Jump Ropes
iTunes Gift Cards
Handmade Healthy Recipe Cards or Healthy Recipe Book
Homemade Parfaits-To-Go
Absorbent Hand/Gym Towels tied with a monogrammed bow
Goody Bag filled with useful gym essentials (lip balm, water, energy bar, combination lock, weight gloves)


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Frozen grapes or fruit of your choice make a yummy party favor-packed in small paper bags with a personal stamp or embossed to add an adorable finishing touch.

Hosting your own fitness party can be a great alternative to the ever so popular jewelry or purse party.  A little imagination, creativity and fitness savvy can take you a long way when it comes to planning and hosting a fitness party. The goal is to have a great time with friends and get a little fitter and fabulous in the process.



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