These A-List Celeb-Owned Eco Businesses Have Our Hearts Forever

February 16, 2017

Vegan businesses are popping up more and more as both vegans and meat-eaters alike are chasing products and services with minimal environmental impact. But did you know many of these businesses are owned by eco-conscious celebrities?

Some of them keep their celebrity status and eco initiatives separate, choosing to live a life of conscious anonymity, while others use their fame as a platform to promote veganism or sustainable living.

Either way, these businesses deserve a bit of hype for their commitment to ethical and cruelty-free products (celebrity-owned or not).

Conscious Commerce

4 Celebrity-Owned Eco Businesses to Keep on Your Radar

This business, co-owned by Olivia Wilde, is a “Creative Agency and Incubator whose mission is to integrate conscious consumerism into every commercial vertical.” It works as an e-commerce platform that connects retailers with smaller-scale charities, so that a portion of the purchase goes directly to specific projects. This is her big shift since declaring that she will “stop making bad movies” and focus on entrepreneurship and indie films she feels passionate about.

Wilde sees Conscious Commerce as a “for-profit philanthropy” that’s “almost tricking the consumer into doing a good thing.” Is that like when we turn cauliflower into kimchi fried rice and chickpeas into chocolate hummus? Then yes, trick us away. Some of the projects she’s worked on include: Anthropologie selling a dress, the proceeds from which go to a nonprofit to end poverty through education; Birchbox, for sales to provide school supplies to children in Uganda.

Tyra Beauty

4 Celebrity-Owned Eco Businesses to Keep on Your Radar

Tyra Banks’ line of skin care and makeup is not only free from animal testing but also any animal-derived oils, musks, or fats. She even includes an “Oh, Hell No!” list on her site of chemicals that she consciously avoids using in her products.

Kat Von D Beauty

4 Celebrity-Owned Eco Businesses to Keep on Your Radar

Glam tattoo artist Kat Von D knows her stuff when it comes to cosmetics. She offers a whole range of colorful palettes, beautiful lipsticks, and cute packaging. Check out products with the #veganalert tag to find goods that are made without animal ingredients.

Studio 189

4 Celebrity-Owned Eco Businesses to Keep on Your Radar

This site was co-created by Rosario Dawson to highlight African and African-inspired goods. Her intention is to increase jobs, skills, education and awareness of and for African communities. (Check out her amazing vegan leather bags, clutches, and aprons!)

Have you checked out any of these cool celeb-owned eco businesses?

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