The Dangers Of EMFs—And How You Can Protect Yourself

June 27, 2023

We can thank technology for advancing us into a globally connected society. A society with people that can rapidly converse with others anywhere in the world, stream things straight into their homes, purchase gifts without walking a step, and power homes and businesses to keep us comfortable. Those are just a couple of things that technology has done to make our lives easier and more convenient. Can you imagine a time when you personally didn’t use a cell phone? Maybe those days are long gone. However, it’s safe to say that life would be significantly different if we didn’t have the type of technology that we have now. 

What are EMFs?

So, what are EMFs and what exactly do they have to do with technology? According to the Natural Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, “Electric and magnetic fields/frequencies (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy, often referred to as radiation, that are associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting.” Furthermore, there are two categories of EMFs, non-ionizing and ionizing. 

Non-ionizing and ionizing EMFs

Non-ionizing radiation includes things like our cell phones, microwaves, wifi networks, and Bluetooth devices. Ionizing radiation, which can be more harmful due to its potency, includes sunlight and X-rays. We learned about the effects of sun exposure, and how to apply sunscreen protection liberally, but when was the last time someone told us to protect ourselves from our phones?

Man-made EMFs and the rise of 5G are proving to have severe risks to human (and animal) health. And because of the modern world we live in, radiation and “dirty electricity” will only continue to increase. It’s becoming harder to escape the close proximity one lives to a cell phone tower. And phones are now getting service in places all over the world that they used to not have signals in before. The devices we use in our homes and cars that operate through Bluetooth are also extensively using EMFs. EMFs are everywhere—there’s no doubt about that.

Health Implications of EMFs

What happens in our bodies with all of this constant exposure to electromagnetic frequencies? Studies have found that EMF exposure can cause symptoms of fatigue, headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, brain fog, weight gain, insomnia, digestive issues, and mood disturbances. Elevated EMF exposure has also been known to increase mold growth and consequently stimulate the release of toxic mycotoxins in our bodies. This can create serious health issues for everyone, let alone those that are hyper-sensitive to these frequencies. Populations of people are forming in places with little to no radiation. These communities live in ways we could consider “old-school”, but for them, it’s all about surviving. 

Now that we know that EMFs are harmful, let’s look at ways in which we can protect ourselves. 

Protection is Crucial

Detoxing our bodies from heavy metals and mycotoxins will help keep our bodies primed to be able to defend themselves from external triggers, like EMFs. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet, once centered around lots of fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs will also help. Using a sauna or implementing hot/cold exposure can boost our body’s natural detoxing abilities and stimulate lymph movement. Maintaining healthy lymph flow is crucial to detoxing and keeping our immune systems strong.

Another tool you can utilize is grounding (or earthing). This is simply exposing yourself daily to the negative ions from the earth’s surface. By being barefoot outside in the grass, your body will start to stabilize its own bioelectrical environment. This documentary called The Earthing Movie is a great resource to watch and learn more about this concept. Earthing is very powerful in decreasing one’s inflammation and is one of the cheapest things you can do immediately for better health. 

Since most of us use our phones throughout the day, it’s important to protect ourselves. By using special phone cases like this one, you can rest assured that you aren’t absorbing EMFs from your cellular device. You can also buy ones designed for your computer, laptop, and iPad. These cases are designed with lightweight, lead-free metallic alloy foil that is specially engineered to block radiation emitted by our devices. Another item that’s helpful to use is a Faraday bag. These are specially designed military-grade bag that protects you from 4G and 5G waves emitted by your phone. This bag is especially helpful at night when you want to sleep without being assaulted by radiation. Faraday bags like these will drop the EMF levels of your phone significantly.

Crystals are also handy in combating the harmful effects of EMFs. Some popular ones for protection and shielding purposes are black tourmaline and shungite. Both work by absorbing negative energy and dispelling EMFs. By keeping these crystals near your body and some close to electronic devices, you will be able to protect not only yourself but your environment as well. Since crystals come from the earth, they also carry grounding properties that are healing.

Less is More

We may never be able to fully live without electromagnetic frequencies, like 5G. But we can learn to co-exist with them and shield ourselves in several ways. By understanding the harmful effects and symptoms of toxic exposure, we raise our awareness of these invisible waves. This knowledge empowers us to continue to protect our health and our family’s health for future generations to come. Less is more, however. If you can, try to eliminate the number of electronic devices you use on a daily basis. Better yet, try challenging yourself to days with no devices, or practice “dopamine detoxes”. This can act as a reset for your health. Utilizing the tools in this article will better equip you in dealing with EMFs and help you stay healthy, and protected, for many years to come. 


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Photo: John Tuesday, Baatcheet Films, and Nick Page on Unsplash

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