Discover These 5 Gorgeous, Rising Sustainable Fashion Brands Before They're Everywhere

March 3, 2020

It seems as though we are entering the golden age of sustainable fashion, and don’t we love to see it. As someone who has always used styling as an outlet of self-expression, waking up to our environmental crisis involved a lot of rewiring in how I choose to dress myself and the decisions I make as a consumer. While I try to prioritize as much vintage and second-hand as possible in my wardrobe, having more and more eco-friendly options to supplement with is incredibly refreshing.

These brands below are rocking it in the realm of sustainable fashion, and are consistently creating cool, modern collections you’ll actually want to wear.



Linen skirt with flower appliqué.

MaisonCleo is a relatively new brand that is quickly becoming an it-girl go-to with its undeniably French je ne sais quoi, feminine silhouettes and romantic motifs. Each piece is made to order by a mother-daughter team based in Northern France, who exclusively use leftover fabrics from couture houses and local designers. Their approach is the antithesis of fast fashion, and that’s the point. MaisonCleo also lists the production costs on all of their pieces, as a way of fostering even more customer transparency. Their e-shop is only open on Wednesdays, and since they produce and sell a limited amount per week, my advice is to warm up your laptops early!

Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn sustainable fashion

Based in Los Angeles, Christy Dawn encapsulates that sunny, windows down, West Coast feeling with their breezy dresses, vintage-inspired jumpsuits and cozy sweaters. As they are also a brand committed to using deadstock materials, Christy Dawn is essentially an upcycled enterprise with limited new fabric sourcing (such as their GOTS-certified organic cotton for comfy yet chic loungewear). All of their pieces are handmade in LA, and are produced in limited quantities due to the unpredictable nature of rescued fabrics. Bonus, they offer some select petite options for all of my fellow 5’4 and under.

For Days

Organic cotton jogger pants, $54

For Days is an exciting new option for your tees, sweats and basics. Its goal is to create a fully closed-loop business that generates no additional waste. How does that work, you ask? Pretty much what happens is you buy the pieces you need, and once you’ve worn them to the point of needing to re-up, you send them back to be recycled into new pieces. You are then discounted for the swap, so you can get your fresh round of replacements for less. Everybody wins.


sustainable Satin dress

Viscose and rayon satin dress

Lacausa translates to “the cause,” which is an appropriate name for the brand, as they donate a percentage of their sales to organizations and charities year round. They have a clear ethos that puts ethical manufacturing, fair wages, low waste design and human and environmental rights at the forefront. Their aesthetic is sophisticated, minimalistic and contemporary. I personally am all about their updated boiler suits, ribbed turtlenecks and relaxed jackets— it’s the chill, off-duty stuff of dreams.

Boyish Jeans

Sustainable jeansBoyish Jeans is making jeans with men’s fabric for a woman’s body—and sustainably, at that. No need to steal your boyfriend’s. They work with ethical factories, use one-third less water than traditionally used in the jeans-making process, incorporate less harmful chemicals while dyeing, and opt for only recycled fabrics and materials in their products and packaging. If you live in denim, this is a brand worth checking out.

Any on the rise sustainable brands that you’re obsessing over right now?

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Photo: Respective brands

Jenna Scott is a musician, longtime vegan, certified yoga teacher, wellness enthusiast and environmental advocate based out of Nashville, Tennessee. She’s committed to and passionate about educating others on low waste living, slow fashion, natural healing, a good DIY, and keeping it simple in a complicated world.


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