Sustainable Fashion Brand tentree Is The Chicest Way To Fight Climate Change

November 6, 2018

Tentree - Organic & Eco-Friendly Clothing Linetentree aims to be the most sustainable fashion brand on the planet.

In the past four years, we have had the four hottest years ever recorded. 2018 is poised to become the fourth hottest year, unseating 2014 from its current place and setting the record for the hottest La Nina year. Climate change is a universal issue for all citizens of the Earth, but so many people believe that it’s up to others to solve it–whether that’s politicians via regulations and infrastructure, scientists via engineering, or businesses via self-regulation and innovation.

At Peaceful Dumpling, we’ve always believed that we have the power to make a difference in our own lives. One way you can make a difference without waiting for a carless infrastructure is helping offset the Earth’s deforestation. And what are we, if not the spotters of environmental chic?? I recently discovered a gorgeous, sustainable clothing brand that helps you fight deforestation by planting ten trees for every item sold: tentree.

Tentree - Organic & Eco-Friendly Clothing Line

Wearing Women’s Support Crew sweatshirt ($62), Bamone pants ($60), Script Pom Pom beanie ($32), and Cabin socks ($18).

tentree strives to be the most sustainable fashion brand in the world, not only reducing the impact of its production but actually effecting positive changes globally. Every part of tentree clothes are carefully thought over, from coconut buttons in lieu of plastic, organic hemp, sustainable cork instead of leather, organic cotton (half the emissions of conventional cotton), eucalyptus-based Tencel, and recycled polyester made of PET bottles. tentree also only works with socially and environmentally responsible factories that source materials from the local region, shrinking the emissions from shipping by 15%.

But wait, that’s not all. For every item sold, tentree also plants 10 baby trees in seven different countries. These local trees reforest a drying region, provide sustainable livelihood for communities, and rehabilitate devastated ecosystems. Most importantly, they are an indispensable strategy in curbing climate change.

Though transportation gets the lion’s share of attention among causes of greenhouse gases, deforestation adds more CO2 to the atmosphere than all the cars and trucks in the world combined. When trees are cut down, they release the carbon they had been storing into the atmosphere. In addition, forests serve as the Earth’s carbon sinks, produce oxygen, and shelter the vast majority of land-dwelling wildlife. The Amazon Forest alone produces 20% of the Earth’s oxygen. Without forests, it’s not just the endemic plant and animal species that will go extinct–life everywhere on Earth cannot be sustained. But alarmingly, the rate of deforestation globally amounts to 20 football fields every minute. This makes initiatives like tentree’s all the more valuable.

So what can ten little trees do? They can absorb over 10,000 lbs (4.54 metric tons) of CO2 a year and provide locals with 6,000 lbs of fruit a year. To put that in perspective, American carbon footprint per capita is 16.5 metric tons a year–which means even one tentree purchase offsets a substantial amount of emissions. And to date, tentree has planted over 24 million trees around the world! Tentree - Organic & Eco-Friendly Clothing Line

Last but not least, tentree clothes are super cute and as soft as clouds.

Here are some of my favorite picks for the holiday season. Use code PEACEFULDUMPLING20 to get 20% off your entire order from now until December 15!! ;D

Vegan Men's Jacket

Macaw Jacket, $108

Organic cotton jacket with antique brass snaps–the red plaid lining peeking out at the front gives total Clark Kent vibes!

Tencel ShirtFernie shirt, $68

This gorgeous shirt is made of Tencel, which is from sustainable eucalyptus trees, softer than cotton, cool in summer and warm in winter.

Organic Cotton Sweatshirt HoodieJuniper hoodie, $68

Made of organic cotton and recycled poly, this cozy hoodie reminds me of holidays in an upstate cabin, hiking and making vegan s’mores out by the fire pit. Which means it will bring you all the best memories!

Organic cotton socksCabin socks, $18

These thick and cozy socks are just as perfect for hiking and skiing as for lounging around the house. I can’t wait to rock mine in Phoenicia, NY and in the Alps this winter! Grab a couple of pairs as stocking stuffers and last-minute gifts!

Tentree crewneckSupport Your Local Forest crewneck sweatshirt, $62

Made of recycled polyester and organic cotton, this cozy number is one you’ll want to wear every weekend. The old-school embroidered letters add a textural touch, and personally I love showing my passion for trees front and center.

Tentree - Organic & Eco-Friendly Clothing Line

Sustainable Fashion Organic Cotton

Which one of these pieces would you wear? 


Photo: Peaceful Dumpling; product photos courtesy of tentree



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