We're Swooning Over These 7 Sustainable Accessories To Perfect Your Summer Look

June 12, 2019

7 Sustainable Accessories To Perfect Your Summer Look

Summer is officially RIGHT around the corner!

The wondrous green goddess you are—you probably already have a giant bottle of non-toxic, eco-friendly sunscreen on hand in preparation for your next beach outing!

And as the heat waves roll in, it’s highly likely you’ve also whipped out your favorite warm-weather essentials: high-waist denim shorts, floral midi dresses, and crop tops—all made with 100 percent organic cotton, of course. But what’s a fresh, summer look without a few stylish accessories?

For all the eco-conscious Dumplings out there, keep reading for seven sustainable accessories to spice up your summer wardrobe sans harming the environment.

1. Big Sassy Balls Earrings by TT’s Studio

8 Sustainable Accessories To Perfect Your Summer Look

Ultra chic *and* sustainable, these PeTA approved vegan cork leather earrings will definitely take your outfit to the next level. Handmade by British designer Kerry Clayton, the “Big Sassy Balls” come in a wide variety of on-trend colors (like Ocean, Blush, Peacock, and Turtle!) and are hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, stain resistant, and incredibly lightweight, so they won’t weigh your ears down. Plus, they make excellent essential oil diffusers—just place a few drops on the back!

2. Flow Ring by Eco Lustre

8 Sustainable Accessories To Perfect Your Summer Look

Resembling a flowing stream, the Flow Ring is made with recycled silver over recycled brass. These are a terrific alternative to newly sourced metals as the mining process to extract them is incredibly detrimental to the environment, causing soil erosion, sinkholes, biodiversity loss, and pollution. In lieu of these unsustainable metals, eco-friendly brand Eco Lustre uses recycled and upcycled vintage materials, and their packaging is all recycled and/or recyclable.

3. Elmore Eco Sunglasses by Proof Eyewear

7 Sustainable Accessories To Perfect Your Summer Look

Ditch the average pair of plastic shades for these eco-friendly sunglasses handcrafted from cotton-based acetate and sustainably sourced wood! Based in Boise, Idaho, Proof Eyewear also uses recycled aluminum and repurposes skateboard decks to create their eco-shades. Plus, the socially conscious company donates a portion of proceeds to various causes like building eye clinics for the blind in India and the Nature Conservancy.

4. Eboni – Lily Sandals by Matt & Nat

7 Sustainable Accessories To Perfect Your Summer Look

A favorite here at PD, vegan brand Matt & Nat creates handbags and footwear using a variety of recycled materials including cardboard, rubber, cork, and—most recently—from recycled bicycle tires! The neutral shade of these ultra-chic Eboni Sandals means they’ll match perfectly with just about any outfit!

5. Hadir Flat Sandal by Nae Vegan Shoes

7 Sustainable Accessories To Perfect Your Summer Look

This classic flat sandal is made with organic cork and embroidered with brown organic cotton and *definitely* exudes a “wear-me-to-the-beach” vibe. With a vegan philosophy and a mission to promote environmental sustainability—Nae Vegan Shoes is known for their eco-friendly materials like pineapple leaf fibers and recycled air bags!

6. Theta 3 Way Cross Body Mini Bag by FABRIKK

7 Sustainable Accessories To Perfect Your Summer Look

Bold, bright colors are definitely *in* this summer—so this stylish multi-print mini cross body bag is the perfect statement making piece for all summer ’19. Ethically sourced from vegan cork leather, this versatile bag can be worn on your belt, across your body, and over the shoulder.

7. Ciel – Mosaic Belt Bag by Matt & Nat

7 Sustainable Accessories To Perfect Your Summer Look

Help fight plastic pollution with Matt & Nat’s Ciel belt bag in mosaic! The bag’s lining is made with 100 percent recycled plastic bottles—plus, the versatile bag can be worn on the waist or as a chic clutch simply by removing the belt straps!


Which sustainable accessories are you excited to wear this summer?

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Photo: Atikh Bana via Unsplash, Respective Brands

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