Why You Should Support Lil BUB's Big Fund

March 4, 2014

Have you heard of Lilbub's Big Fund?

We all love BUB, right? The adorable little kitty who was rescued by a big-hearted boy and whose special needs somehow make her exceptionally adorable and magnificent? BUB is an internet celebrity (I follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) who uses her magical powers for good. She’s even done a Reddit AMA (which, no lie, got me a little teary-eyed)!

Lil BUB with Amy Sedaris

BUB has all kinds of famous friends such as Amy Sedaris.

Here’s the low-down on BUB: She was rescued as a feral kitten in Indiana and she suffers from a variety of genetic issues. Her sweet appearance is attributed to these: she’s a perma-kitten, which means she will look like a kitten forever even though she’s an adult. She’s super tiny and has short limbs because she has dwarfism. She’s even polydactyl, which means she has five toes on each paw! BUB’s dude says that veterinarians predicted that she wouldn’t live long and that she’d always have difficulties getting around, but thanks to some innovative technologies (and also lots of TLC) she can now run, jump, and play!

Lil BUB polydactyl cat

Check out those extra toes!

Recently BUB and the ASPCA have partnered to make Lil BUB’s Big Fund. The donations to this fund are dispersed as grants to organizations which support cats with special needs or who need extra help getting adopted. (Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from her store at lilbub.com also go to this fund.) Here’s a little more detail about what they consider special needs to be:

• physical deformity
• birth defects
• developmental disability (i.e. cerebral hypoplasia)
• mobility impairment
• blindness
• deafness
• wounds suffered from a disaster, accident, or abuse (i.e. burns due to a fire, broken bones due to car accident or physical abuse, etc.)
• any permanent diseases/illness (FIV, leukemia, diabetes, etc)
• old age

Heartbreaking, right?

Lil BUB standing under a table

BUB’s a mover and a shaker these days despite her health issues!

Lil BUB’s Big Fund holds a special place in my heart because my own elderly cat, Spot, passed away over the summer and my other cat, Dax, had to have her ear canal removed and many people told me I should just give her away when I found out she needed that extra care. So many people are unable or unwilling to care for elderly and special needs animals, and it does take substantial financial resources as well as a unique disposition. I know what it’s like to have to spend lots of money on a beloved pet’s health care because it’s necessary and you want them to be healthy and happy–it’s not easy. This fund helps special kitties who need a paw up, so you should consider donating if you’re able to or even just spread the word!

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Photo: lilbub.com; iamlilbub on Facebook

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