6 Style and Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

December 30, 2014

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I know that many Peaceful Dumplings will *not* be making resolutions this year (in fact we had several writers pitch that same article almost at the same time–phew!!). Perhaps that’s not so surprising because here we’re so much about approaching self-discovery in a gentle, holistic, and multi-faceted way.

Personally I am doing the exact opposite, though–I tend to not make resolutions usually, but this year I’m making 4 (!), in the more “general personal development” category. I feel that 2015 for me would be the year of crossroads and important decisions (as opposed to years of steady growth), and it just feels right to be setting some intentions to help guide me to the right path. Along the way I’m also toying with the idea of setting style and beauty resolutions. Yes, I’m both comfortable and confident whatever I pull from my closet, and it feels good to not have to fuss about clothes or hair or makeup like I did at 20, but why not punch things up a notch? The really great thing is, now I know my signature style, it’s really more fun to experiment knowing what I can make my own. For instance, if I see a new trend I can immediately tell if I can “layer it” onto my current look to make it even more me.

Without further ado, here are 6 style and beauty resolutions I’m making for 2015.

1. Master the No-makeup Makeup Look.

Natural Beauty: Everyday Contouring Tutorial

Ah, the no-makeup makeup look. It’s probably the most difficult look to execute well. I’m an old pro at the smokey eye or the perfect red lip, but this natural-but-better look has so far been out of my reach. But since Mary’s everyday contouring tutorial, I am thinking I should really give it an honest effort.

The elements of the bare look is simple: even-toned, dewy skin (somehow flawless yet not visibly covered up), lush eyebrows, clean lids, and natural, dewy lips. Although the skin just registers as clean-faced, it actually helps to add a touch of blush and highlighter to create definition. One thing I can’t give up on, though, is cat eye. So this interpretation of dewy skin with cat eyes is my inspiration!

2. Even out skin tone.

Style and Beauty Resolutions for the New Year



DHC Acerola Extract, $22.50

In order to rock a no-makeup makeup look, your skin really has to be the shining star. I discovered this skin brightening serum on my sister’s vanity who, like all Korean women, could have a Ph.D. in skincare (if she didn’t have one in molecular biology). Anyway, she swears it made her acne scar fade almost completely within a week–and so I’m putting this on the To-Buy list. Acerola is a type of berry that contains more Vitamin C than an orange–would it work better than my rosehip oil? Stay tuned! (Note: DHC is a Japanese skincare line that doesn’t test its product on animals, but not all of its products are vegan–this one is, though.)

3. Find the signature scent…that is also natural and toxin-free.

Confession: I have a lot of conventional perfume on my vanity that I received over the years. I still wear them for going out (I don’t return gifts unless absolutely necessary and like to use my gifts as much as possible)–but truthfully I feel it’s long past time I found my signature scent that’s also cruelty-free and natural. Could this Lurk perfume oil with notes of tuberose (my favorite), cedarwood, and rose be the answer to my prayers?


Lurk AS 01:1/8 oz perfume oil, $55. 

4. Find the perfect blazer.

Style and Beauty Resolutions for the New Year



IDLF Uniqlo blazer, $59.90

I’m turning 28 this year which to me says it’s about time I get that perfect crisp blazer. The perfect blazer looks good on top of my uniform (heather gray T and skinny jeans), a feminine dress, a pencil skirt and a cami…basically, anything at all, all season, year after year. This Ines de la Fressange x Uniqlo blazer hits all the marks.

5. Find the perfect white shirt. Wear with everything, everywhere.

Style and Beauty Resolutions for the New Year



IDLF Uniqlo white shirt, $22.90

Unbelievably, I still haven’t found the perfect white shirt. I love the idea of a crisp white shirt–but when I try them on, they often feel too stiff or–dare I say it?–boring. I’m still looking for that soft, “borrowed from boyfriend but somehow fits me perfect” shirt. Hopefully in 2015…

6. Be more whimsical.

As resolutions 4 and 5 clearly show, I love classics and neutrals. But maybe in 2015 I might begin to embrace a more fun, hip (?!) side to my style personality as well! Whimsical doesn’t necessarily mean “twee”–you can still be chic while showing that you don’t take yourself too seriously (at least not all the time). A great way to do it is to slip it in with something small. Like these zodiac rings, for instance.

6 Style and Beauty Resolutions for the New Year | Peaceful Dumpling

 Taurus ring by Bohemian Whimsea, $15

Style and Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

Bird ring by Red Truck Designs, $13.60

Any kind of accessory with animals in fact is a Do in my book. Whimsical but still grown up. Another Do: graphic tees that are witty, not snarky. The most stylish person I’ve ever met used to alternate between wearing RTW blouses or a tee that read, “University of Nowhere” with sneakers and jeans. I really wanted a tee that said that! This J.Crew tee is cheeky but not in-your-face.

Style and Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

Style and Beauty Resolutions for the New YearJ.Crew Tee, $29.99

That’s it for me! I can’t make resolutions I know I can’t keep (always have nice nails; don’t pick at my face; wear matching bra and panties). These ones seem manageable enough.

What’s your style/ beauty resolutions for 2015? New hair (color? length? bangs?) for anyone? Share!

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Photo: Mary Hood; DHC; Uniqlo; Bohemian Whimsea; Red Truck; J.Crew


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