How To Stay Cool And Calm In The Heat Wave, According To Dosha Types

July 29, 2022

Can’t stand the heat? Is this heat wave draining all of your energy? It’s time to learn how you can stay cool this summer with Ayurveda.


Are you lean, small-boned, feel “flighty,” or struggle with digestive issues? You may be predominantly Vata—meaning air. The Vata Dosha is known for thriving in humid weather. Dry, hot whether on the other hand can aggravate this type. As a natural dry type, the heat wave is already draining whatever moisture you have left!

Foods to Favor

If you are the Vata type, then watermelon is your best friend. Focus on foods that contain a lot of water. Pineapple, cantaloupe, mango, and other water-filled fruits in season are your best bets to supple skin and a healthy, thriving, digestion.

Your enemy is going to be your favorite Netflix food. Even when it is not summer, avoid popcorn like the plague! Raw veggies are also on the no-go list. Although crudités like celery and carrots have a high-water content, they still take away moisture for Vata types. Eat them minimally. Dry, crunchy foods tend to cause bloating, gas, and other digestive woes. That is the last thing you need in bathing suit season.

For a Vata summer-friendly treat, try this vegan carrot cake oatmeal cookie here.


Since Vatas normally suffer from dry skin and the sun is doing you no favors, amp up your skin routine to keep yourself hydrated. That also includes drinking more water at set times. Rather than eating spontaneously, having a set time for meals is best for you.

While Pitta and Kaphas can thrive doing extreme outdoor and indoor sports, the activities for the Vata type involve taking it easy. This means taking the time to sit and relax instead of working out in the heat. Indoor activities or activities done in the evening or early morning are best.


  • Yin/Restorative Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Cardio (Including dancing to your Summer Playlist)
  • Canoeing


If you have a medium-boned, athletic build, a strong digestion, weak or sensitive skin, high motivation and energy, and a quick temper, you might be a Pitta—the dosha of fire energy. Pittas tend to have a revving engine for a metabolism, so they can handle a variety of different foods.

Foods to Favor

When it comes to what to eat during this heat wave, anything that cools the body is going to be best for this type. Eat what is typical in summer, including light foods such as salads, raw veggies, and lots of fruit. The most important aspect with food concerning Pitta is sticking to mostly cooling foods. Prioritize sweet flavors and avoid sour and spicy foods.

Another thing that Pittas need to consider is focusing on eating small meals. Going into a food coma is not something you want to do with this type, as it creates a slow digestion. When it comes to your meal time, stick to eating slowly and mindfully to prevent any after-meal issues.

The summer food enemy for this type is the what many people love during this time of year. If you love iced coffee, then you are in for some bad news. Iced coffee slows down your metabolism and can cause problems if consumed too often. With this heat wave, many people opt to drink iced coffee every day if not more than one time a day. Switch out your cold brew with a mango dairy-free lassi instead.

Cool down with a Vegan Sushi Bowl here.


Pittas have the opportunity to live life like it’s a vacation during this heatwave. Taking naps and doing other peaceful activities will benefit this body type the most. Take time to spend with family and create a calm, easy atmosphere. When it comes to exercise, Pittas can usually handle the most intense of workouts. The summer is not the time to do boot camps, however. During this time, it is important to adapt a more Vata-like approach to exercise.

This includes:

  • Yin Yoga
  • Frequent Meditation
  • Swimming
  • Taking Long Walks (on the beach!)


If you have a large-boned body type, have a slow and stable energy, smooth skin, fluid retention, and tendency to gain weight, you may be a Kapha—the dosha of earth energy. Kaphas living in hot, dry environments thrive during this season. It sounds crazy, but for a Kapha being in the sun is a good thing!

Foods to Favor

Even though plant-based diets are best for all body types, Kapha types especially benefit from creating a diet based on fruits and vegetables. There are certain fruits and vegetables however that are best for them. Stick to fruits like stone fruits, apples and a variety of different berries. Vegetables are an all-you-can-eat for this type, but eat moderate portions of grains and other heavy foods. Rather than using ginger, black pepper, and other warming spices, substitute those with cooling spices. Mint, turmeric, and cilantro works great for summer meals and keeping cool.

Fancy tacos? Try a Jackfruit Salsa Recipe here.


Out of all of the body types, Kapha have the chance to really let loose this summer! Any type of energizing exercise is going to be great this summer. If you can stand the heat, go ahead and plan a hike, a ride, a bike trail, or do some type of energetic yoga like Vinyasa. If you are outside, take a brisk walk in nature. Keep moving and accomplish all of the body goals you may have this season. In terms of skin care, Kaphas need to get blood circulating, so a nice massage and dry brushing is great.

Other Activities Include:

  • Power Yoga
  • Running
  • Spin Classes
  • HIIT Workouts

Don’t forget that if you are mixture a of different types, incorporate both suggestions in your summer routine. Stay cool out there!

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