Starstone: Diamond For Aries & April

March 22, 2022

And then there’s Aries, bounding onto the scene Like. A. Boss. as Pisces wavers its way into the tides. There is no more stark contrast in the Zodiac than the transit from Pisces to Aries (March 21 to April 19)!

Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war. The dynamic, dominant Aries woman loves to wear red, loves to dress for success, loves to spend money, and often has a successful career in Human Resources. This is a person who has never had the need for assertivenss training. She lives for luxury and status. Compassion is not her strong suit. She clicks with management because she’s perfectly comfortable dishing out the tough stuff, like terminations, downsizing, and PIPs (“Performance Improvement Programs). She’s the gal who writes her grocery list with a monogrammed gold Cross pen, and will simply skip your kid’s 7th birthday party without flinching or apologizing, because nothing on earth must be permitted to come between her and her Saturday HITT workout or bikini wax. Aries views this as perfectly reasonable.

While Pisces rules the feet and ankles, Aries rules the head. This makes the Ram a high achiever who’s good with numbers, usually not great with people. The soul of Aries is a spreadsheet built upon personal validation and affirmation: this is a sign that needs zero ego-bolstering or stroking. As a Fire sign, stiletto’ed Aries struts out into the world with utter confidence and an astonishing lack of humility. Aries sees herself as a winner, and sees you as a loser unless you can prove otherwise.  This is inspiring, challenging, or simply obnoxious, depending upon your point of view.

Not only is Aries a Fire sign, she’s also the Cardinal Fire Sign, because she insists on always being first! Take-charge Aries views life as a game to be won, and is openly competitive. A born leader, Aries can inspire a team to greatness as long as the Ram tames its nasty side. As the original Mean Girl (regardless of gender), Aries can easily stoop to name-calling, derision and finger-pointing, and this obviously harms any form of trust.  This Fire sign can become a bully, especially when things are going well for the Ram (“going well” for Aries means cash. Lots of cash.) An adrenaline-junkie, Aries loves to gloat about her accomplishments, and dares anyone to do a side-by-side comparison of their life to hers.

Is Aries an especially nice person? Definitely not if you’re low on the food-chain. But she’s absolutely someone you want on your side. That said, Aries is a fierce parent who will literally walk through fire to defend her child.  In general, loyalty is a strong Aries attribute, although Aries is quick to drop friends, lovers and even family-members should they dare to contradict or oppose her. Like a Mafia don, Aries views the world as a potential enemy, and disagreement often is received as treason. And let’s guess what the preferred Aries birthstone is: only the hardest, most celebrated mineral on earth will do: the favored birthstone choice for Aries is Diamond, the most expensive gem in the case.

It’s worth noting that Diamonds are not the rarest gems on earth. Shrewd marketing by a handful of gem-meisters has suggested differently for decades, but the fact is that Diamonds are far more common, and are available in far greater quantities, than most of us realize. Their limited market availability is tightly controlled by a few influential families who have dominated the South African mines for a century or more, thus maintaining the cultural expectation that “real” love deserves a Diamond.

Of course, Aries is untroubled by all of this. Diamonds are forever, Diamonds are expensive, Diamonds telegraph wealth and status. What’s not to like? Some sources suggest other stones for Aries, including Bloodstone, Jasper, Topaz and Amethyst—and these alternatives are rejected as low-end instantly by most Aries people.

Although Aries is naturally drawn to bright blood-red, Diamonds are a powerful choice because they refract and reflect every color of the rainbow.

Diamond is the most logical match for Aries, since this brilliant gem blazes proudly from the pinnacle of the gemstone hierarchy. Although other stones are actually more unusual, the reputation of the Diamond affords it the throne as Queen of Jewels, the standard to which all other gems are compared. Like electrifying Aries herself, Diamond is full of fire, and can literally cut glass and scratch softer stones. While Diamonds do occur in colors – remembering Liz Taylor’s Canary Diamonds – purists want Diamonds to be whiter than white. Diamonds are graded mercilessly in terms of color, clarity and cut to determine their value.

The lore of the Diamond suits Aries well, representing the power of belief. The Diamond is not the rarest gem on earth, but we believe it to be so, and that’s good enough for Aries. Aries sparkles and flashes with life-force, and loves being recognized as the most valuable, most precious jewel – not that she needs your approval.  But if you don’t praise Aries and defer to her, she’ll be gone, off in search of someone else (perhaps a shy Libra) who will better appreciate her red-hot dazzle. Because it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that bling.

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Photo: Pexels

Victoria Thomas
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