Spend v. Save Diaries: Pilates Instructor and Fitness Editor

June 27, 2016

As a person in the fitness industry, I am always paying attention to health and well-being. My health always takes priority over anything else when it comes to spending. I’ve found that spending on preventative care turns out to be way more cost-effective than waiting until your mental or physical health becomes so low that you need to spend more time and money to cure yourself. Here is my spend v. save diary.

Food: Spend. Most of my money goes to high-quality food. Since I had so many gut problems growing up, I make an effort to spend on healthy, local, organic, and fresh food. Most of my shopping is done at my local farmer’s market every week. I make my own nut milks and nut butters with organic raw nuts, which can be pricey. Once I realized how delicious and healthy pure homemade nut milk was, I couldn’t go back to the cheaper store-bought nut milks with added thickeners. I do notice a big difference in my energy, skin, and health when I am able to eat the way I want at home. I have a couple restaurants I go to that compliment my diet that I will go out to once, at most twice a week.

Spend v. Save Diaries: Pilates Instructor and Fitness Editor

Clothes: Save. My wardrobe consists of workout clothes and sweats. I teach Pilates and dance almost every day, so dressing up to me means putting on a pair of jeans. High-quality workout clothes nowadays can cost an arm and a leg, but one of the perks I get from being an instructor is major discounts and sometimes even free clothes from fitness brands. I always go for comfort at home, and even if I do have ten pairs of pants, I usually rotate between my favorite 2 pairs.

Fun: Save. I don’t drink alcohol, so whenever I go out, I save a lot of money just by not buying drinks. My boyfriend and I love being in nature, so a lot of our dates together include the beach, hiking, taking the dogs to parks, and just hanging out in naturally beautiful places.

Spend v. Save Diaries: Pilates Instructor and Fitness Editor

Supplements: Spend. This goes along with my belief that prevention is way better than having to go through treatment. I take a handful of supplements recommended by my herbalist twice a day. That includes a 50-billion probiotic, vitamin C, multivitamins, oregano oil, digestive enzymes, chlorella, and evening primrose oil.

Fitness: Spend. This is a big part of my profession, so I always have to make the time to keep my body in shape. The more I teach, the less time I have to actually workout myself. After a long day, I just want to go home and sit on the couch. To help motivate me, I pay for my own coach at the gym for cross training and pre-register for Pilates classes from other instructors. Signing up in advance encourages me to follow through with my fitness goals for the week.

Spend v. Save Diaries: Pilates Instructor and Fitness Editor

Beauty: Save. I’m all for buying only natural, cruelty-free, vegan products to put on my face, but because of being active, I hardly ever wear makeup. Sweating with makeup on is not good for the skin. As for my skin care regime, I swear by this apple cider vinegar toner by Restoar and vitamin A and C serums. I use a couple drops of the C serum in the AM, a couple drops of the ACV toner and A serum at night, and the bottles last me awhile. I have always had skin breakouts, and this skin regime, along with my clean diet, has made a world of a difference. I use my hands a lot so I keep my nails short and bare. When I want to have my nails done for a special occasion, I usually do them myself. That’s when my painting skills from my fine art major in college come in handy! My approach to beauty is very minimal, making it easy to save money in this category.

Spend v. Save Diaries: Pilates Instructor and Fitness Editor

What are your most important lifestyle expenses? Where do you spend v. save?

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Photos: Crystal Chin

Crystal Chin
Crystal is a professional dancer, writer and certified Pilates instructor based in Los Angeles. She inspires people to dance their true colors in life, never compromising their own self worth for any person, job or societal standard. She teaches her students about mindful movement and healthy living. When not writing, teaching, or dancing, she is learning all the beautiful life lessons her two dogs teach her just by their existence--forgiveness, being present and how to be unapologetically herself. Check out Crystal's blog at www.crystalannchin.com and follow her on Instagram crystalannchin, Twitter @CrystalAnnChin and Facebook.


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