Get Dirt-y With Soil Activism: A Growing Movement That's Putting Soil Health First

November 14, 2022

shovel shoveling soil

If the concept of social health is completely new to you, you’re not alone. 

Compared to flashy headlines of climate catastrophe and species extinction, the organic matter, minerals, gasses, and liquids that live right beneath our feet gain little attention or concern. This ecosystem of life is viewed as a simple constant in life—something that always was and always is and always will be. 

And yet, according to Nature, 95 percent of our food depends on healthy soil for growth. In A World Without Soil, microbiologist Jo Handelsman notes the catastrophic implications of soil degradation due to unsustainable farming practices. With soil erosion now occurring ten to thirty times faster than new soil is produced (resulting in annual crop reductions of 0.3%), an estimated ten percent of food production could be lost by 2050.

Soil erosion can be solved, however, and all it takes is going back to our (literal) roots. Terracing, crop rotation, and tilling all work to sustain healthy soil and are an essential aspect of indigenous soil-friendly farming. 

This type of farming is now going mainstream, too, with soil activists working to make soil sexy. 

Ready to dive deep into the world of soil activism? Start first by following these soil influencers for education and inspiration.

5 Soil Activists You Should Follow

1. @ConsciousPlanet 

My first guide into soil activism was Sadhguru’s Conscious Planet. Conscious Planet posts educational videos, news updates, and soil activism events/webinars regularly onto its page. A 24-year-old movement, Conscious Planet encourages followers to reconnect with the soil underneath them and highlights global political, cultural, and business leaders fighting for soil revitalization. For educators and local officials, Conscious Planet also offers a “Save Soil Toolkit,” which contains videos, letters, social media posts, and merch designs to spread the Save Soil message.

Informative and life-giving, Sadhguru helps followers by raising their human consciousness and compassion for the planet and all earth creatures. 

2. @SoilGeneration 

A “Black and Brown agroecology coalition of women and non-binary farmers and organizers,” Soil Generation is a grassroots movement based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Soil Generation’s four pillars include:

  • Shared Black and Brown Leadership
  • Racial and Economic Justice
  • Anti-capitalism
  • Agroecology

Although actively working with Philadelphia neighbors and partners to create a localized food system, Soil Generation has a national following. Follow for education on food sovereignty, environmental justice, and Black and Brown representation in agriculture.  

3. @BlossomAndBranchFarm 

For major flower garden envy, Blossom and Branch Farm in Colorado is a must-follow. A regenerative farm that cultivates field-grown flowers, it’s both aesthetic and educational in the best of ways. 

Founded by Briana Bosch, Blossom and Branch is Kiss the Ground certified and focuses on pesticide-free and soil building practices.

Colorado natives can participate in workshops and classes, from flower arranging  and herbal cocktail classes to regenerative gardening and direct-sown garden workshops. Attend a you-pick flower event or ship custom arrangements directly to you. 

4. @TheArtofSoil

Transforming dirt into design, The Art of Soil is a woman-owned business in Wyoming that sells soil-based art supplies to connect art with the environment. As a soil scientist and soil science professor, founder Karen Vaughan utilizes the natural pigments from soil to create a wide-range of earth-tone palettes from crayons to watercolor paints.

The videos and Instagram posts themselves are mind candy that will leave your brain soothed and satisfied. Enjoy natural scales of colors lined up in pleasing rows or watch Vaughan transform dirt into paint in her endlessly soothing reels. 

5. @KissTheGround 

Last but not least, Kiss the Ground is, perhaps, the most well-known soil activist group working to educate Americans on soil health and regenerative farming. Since its beginning in 2013, Kiss the Ground has been educating and providing resources to activists and advocates across the world through educational classes, documentaries, and immersive media. Farms can participate in Kiss the Ground’s farmland program for soil health training, funding opportunities, educational resources, and more.

Follow Kiss The Ground and explore an ever-growing list of coursework and resources available on their site.


Soil: it sustains us with produce, elevates us with patted ground, and it just might be the thing to ultimately save us from ourselves

According to Green America President and CEO, Alisa Gravitz, regenerative farming is not just a solution to the climate crisis, but possibly the solution. A healthy climate starts first with healthy soil as the very basis of our food production, food security, and human life. 

Educate and advocate for regenerative practices and consider supporting/donating to these soil-first social media influencers putting our environmental health first.

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Photo: Lisa Fotios via Pexels

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