9 Simple, DIY Acne Treatments for Any Skin Type

February 12, 2014
9 Natural, DIY Treatments for Any Skin Type

Glowing skin is synonymous with natural beauty.

Everyone (at least as far as I know) wants clear, smooth, glowing skin. In fact, we expect it- especially if we’re eating a diet full of water-rich, antioxidant-filled fruits and veggies. We’re told by both health professionals and the media that what we eat is the closest link to the status of our skin. If we just boost the vitamin C or ditch gluten or take a supplement, we will acquire the skin of a goddess.

For some lucky people, this is the case. However, diet alone is not always enough to eliminate dermal issues. Full-body health is a result of not only monitoring what we put in our body, but also what we put on it.

For far too long, I battled pesky breakouts that no face wash could fix. The only thing these quick-fix “remedies” would do was dry out my skin- causing my oil glands to work on overdrive and cause even more acne! After lots of frustration and wasted money, I decided it was time to go a different route. I now opt for natural when it comes to skincare and beauty. I feel better doing so (I have never liked the idea of chemicals on or in my body), and I’ve seen better results.

Can you resonate with this struggle? Don’t feel pressured into buying expensive creams or cleansers when all the products you need are right in your kitchen! No matter your skin type, there’s a holistic solution for you.

9 Simple DIY acne treatments by skin type


For dry/flaky skin:

9 Simple DIY acne treatments by skin type

– Baking soda (massage onto wet skin as a light exfoliant and then rinse)

– Olive oil (wet face, massage oil on as if it were face wash, gently wipe off with washcloth)

For combination skin:

9 Simple DIY acne treatments by skin type

-Banana peels (rub the inside of the peel on breakouts and don’t rinse off)

-Honey* & Cinnamon (combine equal parts honey & cinnamon, spread on face like mask, leave on for about 15-20 minutes, wash off)

-Coconut oil (apply about a teaspoon evenly onto face)

For oily skin:

9 Simple DIY acne treatments by skin type

-Apple cider vinegar (apply with a cotton ball as you would toner)

-Jojoba oil (apply a few drops evenly onto face)

For red/irritated skin:

9 Simple DIY acne treatments by skin type

-Green tea (apply with a cotton ball as you would toner)

-Coconut milk (massage onto face like lotion)

*If you choose to use honey (see this article). If not, you can sub agave as the base (although results may vary, as honey has more anti-bacterial properties).

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