Metallic Strappy Vegan Leather Sandal

By Banana Republic

On sale for a limited time $118 $47

Ooh, shiny! A sleek, strappy sandal in a rich, mirrored bronze material. Flexible vegan leather upper. Padded, comfort footbed. Breathable, synthetic liner. Flexible skid-resistant sole. Heel height: 3. 3” (8. 5cm)

Editor’s Note

Did I ever think I’d buy or recommend an item from Banana Republic? Honestly no. I haven’t been a fan of the brand’s aesthetic since I’ve been old enough to afford anything from them. But I’m genuinely surprised by how much I like these vegan leather sandals. It has the perfect 1990s meets 2020 strappy look—and what makes it modern is the low heel height. (4″ or higher would make this very 2010—which is a look on its own right, but let’s wait 10 years until that comes back.) Plus, you can’t beat the price.

Also, Gap Inc. (Banana Republic’s parent company) has been on a roll making over its business practices to be more sustainable, including reducing water usage, transitioning to Better Cotton Initiative cotton, and using recycled materials.

I would wear these with a dress or relaxed-fit jeans—just not skinny jeans! (Too 2010!)