Lichen and Mosses Environmental Essence

By Pacific Northwest Essencs

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The majority of the mosses and lichens in this blend live together on the rock wall where this essence was made, and a few come from the surrounding ponderosa pine forest. They were never planted there but grew on their own, and they are fed naturally by the rains, sunshine, and moonlight. The wide range of species thriving on this wall with an energy of peaceful coexistence, even though the different organisms touch one another and even overlap, points to the key benefits of this essence blend: to help us humans find our place of peace and thrive in the contemporary world, where crowds and limited personal space are a frequent occurrence.

This blend of lichens and mosses was infused under the sun in spring during a rainy period when the moss and lichen were reproducing. Small pieces of the different species were floated on fresh water in a Moroccan quartz crystal geode.


Easily swayed by others, difficulty maintaining emotional and intellectual independence in groups, difficulty negotiating one’s boundaries and asserting one’s individuality within close-knit family groups or social groups; also for artists who want to be bold and original yet also want to feel socially accepted, wanted, understood, and appreciated by an audience; and for anxiety and discomfort in crowded environments. On a physical level: health conditions that are worse in damp weather, including allergies, rheumatism, gout, and fungal infections. This blend is also highly valuable for plane travel, where we spend long periods of time with strangers in close physical proximity to us.

Editor’s note

As a long-time devotee of Ava Zhan’s Earthwise Beauty, I tried her floral essences brand Pacific Northwest Essences for the first time in 2019. This Lichen and Mosses Environmental Essence spoke to me because of the mental, spiritual, and physical imbalances I was experiencing then, after living in New York for about ten years. The ritual of taking this lovingly made essence brought me to a calm and peaceful place each day and made me realize so profoundly that I need nature to be happy. Check out all of her wild-crafted essences on her website.