Jane Recycled Lyocell Pajama Shirt

By Underprotection

On sale for a limited time $100 $70

Lyocell is an eco-friendly fabric made of cellulose, which can originate from eucalyptus, oak, or birch. (Poetic!) You may be familiar with Tencel, which was a division of the company that created Lyocell and was spun off and sold to another company. Both fabrics are wood-based, and are cooler, more breathable, and softer than cotton.

This gorgeous pajama set is made with *recycled* lyocell, which means it’s one of the most sustainable pajamas around that I’ve seen. (And I’ve researched this like it’s my job.) The scalloped cuffs and hem are giving major Chloë vibes. Get the matching shorts here for $59 ($85).