Hydro Cool Brightening Face Mask

By Skyn Iceland

An intensive 10-minute weekly brightening mask formulated to help even skintone and restore radiance to dull, lackluster skin. In just ten minutes, these single-use patches infuse skin with clarifying extracts, potent antioxidants and advanced but gentle skin brighteners to help revive dull, exhausted complexions on contact. With just one use, the Hydro Cool Brightening Face Mask will leave you basking in the glow of visibly more luminous skin. Licorice helps fade existing hyperpigmentation and helps prevent new darkening, while Vitamin C and potent natural extracts help brighten and diminish signs of aging. Skin is clarified, more even toned and looks positively lit from within.

Contains vitamin C, red tourmaline, licorice extract, Chilean boldo tree extract, marine Centella Asiatica extract, Icelandic Complex infused in glacial water, Arctic cloudberry and cranberry seed oils. Vegan and cruelty-free. Contains 3 masks.