Handmade Balinese Jute Sun Hat

By Brunna.Co

Brunna.co is a Californian plant-based fashion line established in 2017 by Helga Ida Ayu, a Balinese in California. They are known for their island-hopping bags & accessories collection sourced directly from local artisans and farmers in Indonesia. Brunna.co represents the voice of local artisans in Bali and other provinces of Indonesia who are primarily female artisans working from the comfort of their own home while nurturing their children and family. Their vision empowers local talents to preserve Indonesian culture and inspire today’s generation to do good things to our environment through fashion.

Editor’s note

You probably wear your hat every day in the the summer, so make it a sustainable style statement! The subtly sloped brim of this hat (as opposed to going 180° straight out) hugs the face so flatteringly, and is both classic and very 2020. The natural texture of jute is a bit more matte than your average straw hat, which makes it very elegant.