Divine Bio-Cellulose Mask

By 5yina
$25 – $85

The Divine Bio-Cellulose Mask is an editor favorite for its all-natural, vegan collagen-boosting effects. Inspired by ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine and created with modern alchemy, this mask delivers a spa-quality facial with holistic herbs and skin-plumping peptides to help protect, brighten, and firm your skin in 30 minutes.

A single application yields a visibly hydrated, luminous, and supple complexion.

Featured ingredients

    A prized adaptogen that addresses damage and creates a healing, protective barrier.
    A nutrient dense berry packed with super-oxidants and beta carotene that helps to repair and impart a healthy glow to skin. Known to promote longevity.
    A powerful anti-inflammatory botanical that conditions, protects and illuminates skin.
    An ancient grain with anti-allergy properties to calm and clarify skin.

Editor’s note

I’ve been a loyal devotee of 5yina since 2017. This Bio-Cellulose Mask is my #1 favorite vegan collagen secret of all time. The morning after I did the mask for the first time, I woke up thinking, “why are my lips all swollen?” I hurried over to the mirror and was shocked by how plump my skin looked, especially my lips. The effect was such that I could feel how my lips were pouting on their own, like they used to when I was younger. My problem areas like my laugh lines and under-eyes looked more filled in and firm. And this effect lasted the entire week. I instantly started planning in my head when I should do the remaining vegan collagen masks to fit in with my social calendar.

Tip: save the extra liquid in the package in your fridge (I seal the opening with a foil), and use like a serum until you run out. Don’t wash off the excess liquid as it is nothing less than “divine.”